Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sitting one out...

ok... Last night I switched blogger account so it uses my gmail account. Then I wrote out this whole post only to have it not publish correctly. Here is try number 2.

Yesterday morning when I was jumping in the pool (feet first, nothing crazy) I must have tightened up right before I hit the water because I tweaked my neck/upperback a bit. I got through the workout and it's not sore it's just more annoying than anything. It feels a lot better this morning but it still feels a little off so I am canning my swim this morning. I figured it would be better to skip a day and let it heal totally than force it and potentially make it worse. Plus I have a massage/adjustment scheduled for tomorrow and I know that will help. So instead of grinding out 4000 yards this morning I am drinking coffee, listening to podcasts, and just hanging out.

I was kind of scared to wake up Monday morning. I was pretty sure my legs would be pretty sore after 7+ hours of riding. This was not the case. My legs did feel sluggish but I really didn't have any muscle soreness and after all the climbing I endured I was pretty stoked. Thank you ice bath. Thank you Fat Tire.

The week so far:

Lunch - Weights - upperbody/core
Pm - 60 min run

I felt really good in the weight room. I warmed up with 20 min on the recumbent bike and the stretched for 10 min. After work I headed down to fletcher's cove for an easy run. About 30 minutes into the run I really started to feel tired. I just wanted the run to end and because I forgot my ipod at home so I had no distraction. This bad patch only lasted about 5 minutes and I ended up finishing the run without really pushing it at all. After the run I put on my trunks and swam/soaked/floated/bodysurfed in the ocean. I have been doing this quite a bit after my runs. It is really relaxing, refreshing, and good for recovery.

AM: swim - Masters - 4000 yards (tweaked my neck jumping in the pool)
PM: Weights - lowerbody
PM: Bike - 60min/16 mile Recovery spin(small chainring only)

Even with my neck bugging my I got through the swim and then headed to work. Afterwork (early afternoon) I hit the gym for some good stretching and a lowerbody strength training session. My legs are still feeling good. After I left the gym I head straight home and the plan was to get in a 60 min easy spin on the bike, but I was pretty tired and not feeling it. I thought about just skipping it but knew that the easy spinning would do a lot for my recovery. So I got home slammed a red bull and headed out the door with my bike. 10 minutes into the ride I was stoked I did. I just cruised 16 miles up and down the coast. It felt great. I didn't push it at all and let many cyclists blow right by me.

Tweaking my neck first thing in the morning pissed me off. I have dealt with neck problems a lot in the past. It's from all my years of snowboarding/surfing/skating. A year and a half ago it was really bad and the slightest thing could cause muslce spasms in my neck and it would cause my neck and upperback to tighten up. Thanks to my chiropractor it hardly ever happens anymore. What happened yesterday is minor in comparison. It's not painful it just feels a bit off, very annoying.

Well that's it for now. I am going to just hang around my apartment, drink more coffee, watch sportscenter, and do what "normal" people do before work. I don't like it!!!!

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IMmike said...


you're taking on a ton of training stress right now. Listen to your body. Maybe back the intensity down a bit to help you out.

Injuries suck.