Thursday, February 15, 2007

a couple of things... 2.15.2007

Back to going big. My legs are just starting to come around from the half marathon last Sunday. On Monday I got an hour massage, which was torture on my sore legs, and an adjustment. I have already gotten in a couple of good swims this week of 5,000+ yards. Yesterday I got in my first run since the race and the last half was kind of uncomfortable but I am feeling a lot better after my ride this morning. It was killer out, sunny and relatively warm.

view of Pipes in Cardiff. The waves looked kind of fun but the tide was really high. Hopefully I can get on it this afternoon.

The whip... resting.

One last thing. I found this video on youtube. It's and interview with Conrad Stoltz, one of the big dogs on the Xterra circuit. His season was riddled with injuries last year, but I am anxious to see him lay it down this year. This video pretty much sums up Xterra racing and why I will continue to make it my focus.


xteric said...

Killer indeed! That's what it's all about!

Steph said...

Wow, that video was great! Those xterra races look so much fun, and you can't help but be pumped up after watching that clip.

Trail running is super fun, and it's hard to be mtn biking. I really hope to do a short off-road tri sometime this season. Thanks for the motivation!

Benson said...

Oh my that swami's point in the back ground? i learned to surf at turtles. great biking the PCH north and south of cardiff.

Rachel said...

Hope you caught some waves. Nice ride. Good job on a very hilly half-marathon. No wonder you were sore!