Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekly Recap (Recover- 2.26.2007 - 3.4.2007)

For a recovery week things were pretty typical last week. I have found that just getting on the trainer and spinning is great for my legs. I did this on Monday, the day after the race, and felt great. I followed that up with a massage and adjustment. By Tuesday I felt great and didn't feel like I had just hammered on Sunday.

Speaking of the trainer. I used to hate it and would avoid it at all costs. That's not really the case anymore. I am now looking forward to sessions on the trainer and living in Southern California you could probably get away with never having to use one. Jim has always preached a lot about pedal stroke, and the fact that I should be constantly working on it. Well I have been, especially on the trainer. Last weekend in the race when I hit some of the tougher climbs I just blocked everything out and thought solely about my pedal stroke and it worked. I was able to keep my gap on the bike. I also like the specific intervals I can get in on the trainer without having to worry about stoplights and traffic.

Here's the stats from the week:

Total Training Time: 15:30
swim: 16,300 yards (2 Masters, 2 Work pool, 1 Open Water)
Bike: 100.5 Miles (2 trainer, 2 road)
Run: 24 Miles (3 runs)
Strength: 1 Sessions (1 upperbody)
Core: 4 sessions (w/ strength session)

I felt really good on the bigger weekend workouts. Just putting in the time. The specific intstructions were "do not dig deep." So I didn't. Yesterday I met Jim and a handful of other athletes he coaches for a an openwater swim workout. It was killer out. Sunny and 70 degrees and it kind made the 58 degree water tolerable. We worked on starts, turning, and drafting.
Now it's time to get serious. I have two more hard weeks and then it's taper time. I have never put so much time or specific training for a single race. I am going to be really focuesd over these next two weeks and make sure I get the most out of everywork out and then it will be time to taper.

Yesterday after the swim I stopped by B&L and put in an order for a Powertap SL. I want to become a strong cyclist but I know it's going to take time and patience. I have wanted a power meter for a while now and after talking with Jim about it I deciede to go for it. I think having a PowerTap will give me the data I need to see if I am really improving on the bike or just wasting my time. We'll see. I should have the wheel all built up and ready to do in a couple of weeks.
For some reason I really like taking pictures of my food. Here's some more of my healthy food to look at:
Ok, so it's just a huge bowl of mixed nuts, but I make this up myself. I don't like all the pre-packaged mixed nuts that you buy in the store and are roasted in oil. I go to Henry's and by raw nuts and dried organic fruit and mix it all together with some sea salt. It's good. I could eat the whole thing.
In this mix (all nuts are raw, all fruit is dried): Almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, soy nuts, macadamian nuts, raisins, cranberries, pineapple, apricot, banana, and some organic yogurt chips.


Jessi said...

I have a similar relationship with my trainer - I used to hate it, but now that coach has me doing specific critical intervals on it, I see the benefit and look forward to my workouts.

Have you ever seen the movie the Hard Road? It's about a pro cycling team - a great trainer movie.

I'm thinking about buying a Power Tap too. I'll be interested to hear how you like it, and if you think it's worth the cash.

Tribag (Daniel) said...

Cool blog. Keep up the good work.