Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Race Week: Tuesday - 3.27.2007 - Taper Update #4

Taper Update #4

Back at it. I woke up this morning at 4:50 am without an alarm and was ready to roll. My alarm was set for 5am so I could make the 6am Masters session at the YMCA. Waking up without the alarm was nice. I was defintely ready to get in one of my last masters workouts before the race. I have put in so much time in the pool that it's nice to cut it back and taper.

Prior to the workout I talked with the coach and she is also doing the race this weekend and I talked to her about swim tapering. She comes from a competitve swimming backfround, is mega-fast in the pool, and when she is not coaching she is swiming a lane or two up from me. I told her what kind of swim sessions
Jim had me doing and she basically gave me some good guidelines to go by this week. During the workout I let the other guys lead and I just basically followed and she gave me some more specific instructions in how I should approach each set/interval. The two coaches at the Y have defintely helped get to where I am with my swimming. They are both really good coaches, people, and triathletes.

After the swim it was typical post-swim/drive to work/sit in traffic breakfast:
Chocolate Fudge Myoplex Lite Shake
20oz bottle of water with a
NUUN tab.
Pre-run snack attack:

At lunch I this the trails around work to get a mellow 30 minutes with some accelertaions in the latter half. I felt pretty sluggish in the first half and I guess that's to be expected. After that it was back to the office for some lunch and then I headed up to B&L to pick my bike. Then it was on to home to get some things taken care before my parents get into town. I am pretty stoked. I haven't seen them in about a year.
My bike... looking pretty fast. We'll see...

Ok. So here's Tuesday nights dinner:
Big salad:

Homemade baked sweet potato fries (shared these with my brother):
Tuna melt on wheat w/sauteed onions, mushrooms:

Ok. Many times on this blog I have mentioned how much I love coffee. Of all the coffee shops I prefer The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. I usually just get regular or decaf coffee, but when I want a latte or mocha there is not other place I will go. They off "NSA - No Sugar Added" powders and always use nonfat milk by default. I checked on nuritional info on my two favorite drinks: Regular (16oz) NSA Vanilla Latte and Regular (16oz) NSA Mocha Latte. I was pretty happy with what I found. The macronutrient breakdown is solid and that makes it for a pretty good snack. Check it:

Regular (16oz) NSA Mocha Latte
218 calories
2g fat
33g carbs
18g protein

Regular (16oz) NSA Vanilla Latte
250 calories
2g fat
40g carbs
18g protein

I drank one of these every Saturday and Sunday a couple of hours after I had my poset workout shakes. I am sure the carbs and protein defintely attributed to my "better than ever" recover. Well atleast I am going to keep telling myself that. I'll will defintely keep drinking these... but sticking to decaf this week.
The wind was absolutely howling today. Good thing we have a couple of days until the race.

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Drew Holmes said...

hey tell me more about the coffee taper speaking of coffee, did the coach have you abstain and then drink it that morning ( race morning) for performance? I am thinking about that but then I am thinking the performance gain will not be enough to really warrant me suffering without coffee for three days...whats the thoughts?