Monday, March 26, 2007

Race Week: Monday - 3.26.2007 - Taper Update #3

Taper update #3.

Well it's Monday night. Today was a rest day and I'm tired. It's weird how "off" days affect me. It's like if I don't get up and get a workout in or have plans for one my body knows it and just shuts off. I slept pretty well but I did wake up around 430am and start thinking about the race. I am kind of anxious. I was able to ge back to sleep and ended up getting up at 6:45 for work. Just a shade under 8 hours.

As always I jumped on the scale first thing in the AM. I know it's probably not the most accurate time to weight yourself, but I do it everyday at the same time so atleast there is a constant. 129.5lbs. Yep, under 130lbs and I had shorter workouts over the weekend and ate really well. Whatever. Hopefully I will see that number slowly increase over the week as I get closer to race day. My diet is just super clean and I have been eating a ton of fruits and veggies. Here's a breakdown of the fruits and vegetables I ate today (along with a lot of other stuff but this is just about the fruits and vegs):

1 x kiwi
2 x tomato slices (on egg sandwich)

1 x tangerine
1 x small blood orange
In large chicken salad:

mixed greens
grape tomatoes

Dinner: Veggie Stir Fry w/Quinoa pasta


portabella mushrooms
sugar snap peas
red onion
Quorn "Tenders" (veggie imitaion chicken tendors)
La Choy Ginger & Garlic Stir Fry Sauce
Quinoa Pasta

100% Vegetarian dinner and damn good.

I have been trying to have a couple vegetarian meals a week. I still love steak, hamburgers, fish, and any kind of poultry, but there are a lot of interesting, healthy vegetarian options that I want to give a shot.

Here's some more randomness...

When not training I typically wear old school vans 100% of the time and as most people know they really provide no support or cushioning. My chiropractor gets on my all the time about it. So I just got a new pair of Mizuno Nirvanas and have decided to wear them all week to give my feet a break. It was like walking on pillows all day at work today.... I may be on to something.

another good find:

I ordered some new coffee and it's good. These guys really support cycling and put on camps in AZ... and they had a really good deal on 3 bags on their site.
53x11 Coffee.

Time for bed.


jp said...


Man, I was feeling skinny at I feel like a linebacker.

nice shoes, btw..I train in the same ones. They are great and have treated me very well since my knee surgery.

Jim Vance said...

Dude...weighing yourself in the morning is the best time to do it, after you drop a duece!

Make sure you are hydrating at night before bed as well, as the weight loss is probably water.

And NO COFFEE starting Wednesday! Come race morning, all you want.

Drew Holmes said...

129? I knew I could take you in a bar fight...I knew it!!! not a foot race but 1 out of 2 aint bad.....good luck and happy taper and rest.

Rachel said...

I'm feeling the same way. Anxious. Hard time sleeping. I'm comforted to know this is normal.

129? I don't think it's right that you weigh less than me!

You'll do great on race day! See you there.

barndog said...

no coffee and minimal training. makes me cranky just thinking about it. love the frequent updates, recipes, and food photos.

TRI Vortex said...

That stir fry looks great, I'll get my wife to make some. She'll probably add Bok Choy, we both like that. Try some Quorn with bok choy and glass noodles for a pho-type soup. tastes great, good for you, and I swear I get better sooner when I'm sick. Again, good luck!