Tuesday, March 06, 2007

some stuff to look at... bored.

It's a pretty slow day at work for me right now, but it's going to be a long day. I have been up since 4:45am so I could head to Masters early and get in a 1000 yards before the workout started. When all was said and done I got in 5000 yards. I have to come back to work tonight at 10pm for some work that can only take place "after hours." It's pretty typical for me, but it's going to make it tough to get up at 4:45am tomorrow morning for another 5000 yard swim.

I had a good talk with Jim yesterday before he started getting his gear ready for his trip to Panama. We talked a good amount about how we are going to approach my Xterra training. To summarize, it's going to be tough and I am really looking forward to it. Back to the intensity.

I also talked to him about my current weight situation. I am currently weighing between 132-135lbs daily. Last year I trained and raced between 142-145lbs. I have lost about 10lbs since the first of the year. Personally I am not worried about it but everybody I see says something about how skinny I look. I feel great though. I feel fast and light on the bike and run. As long as I keep recovering as well as I am (better than I ever have) and continue to get stronger I am not going to worry about it. I am just going to keep eating they way I am and training hard.

The weather here has been killer. I hope it stays this way unitl 3/31. I would be so stoked to have a nice sunny, 70* day for the race. The weather for the rest of the week is looking awesome! The bottom temps are right along the coast and bottom are inland. My condo and where I train is somewhere in between.

I have been messing around with training peaks and pulled together some graphs of my training so far this year. It's kind of interesting (at least to me).

Training distance per week 1.1.2007 - 3.4.2007
Training time per week 1.1.2007 - 3.4.2007
Swim yards per week 1.1.2007 - 3.4.2007
Bike miles per week 1.1.2007 - 3.4.2007

run miles per week 1.1.2007 - 3.4.2007


Benson said...

Dude, you are a stud. Your weather looks great too. I'm barely at 14 hours a week and just hangining on. I'm sure you'll kick some areses...maybe a bunch of them. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Jessi said...

Out of curiosity, how tall are you?

Matt said...

Really like the regular updates on the blog recently. Also the photos make a huge difference!

I know you're going to smoke em on the 70.3 scene.

barndog said...

the new layout looks good. love the food pic. gallery. there's just something about it. to celebrate what others can take so lightly. to go on about your fitness at this point would be redundant. week after week.