Wednesday, March 14, 2007

a bunch of random things..

Well I kind of had an improptu day off of work today... well kind of. I was waiting this morning on a plumber and he never showed up. Then when I called the company they told me they would have some out at about 4. The guy called me at 4 and said he couldn't come until tomorrow. No worries. I got a ton of work done at home and was also able to get in my workouts. It was a pretty solid day.

On the schedule for this morning I had a 2 hour easy/recovery ride to get in. Due to dalylight savings time and sunrise being at 7am I started out with 20 minutes on the trainer with some drills and then hit the road. Just a good solid 2:10 keeping the the rpm's up (~90) and the heartrate low.

The best part about recovery rides and no intervals is being able to make a coffee pitstop.

Around 1:30pm I headed out to San Elijo Lagoon to get in my run. It was an interval/tempo run building up to running all out. It was solid. Here's how it went down.

16min warm-up: 7:25/mile

15min Z3: 6:36/mile

5min Z4:6:13/mile

5min HARD: 5:52

19min cool down: 7:37 mile
My goal was to run sub 6 on last interval. Done


Time for a coffee break. Almost done.

triple americano = crack

it was time to get serious... so I shaved my head and grew a beard.

This probably on my favorite bars out there. Very good and 70% Organic.

new sponsor: Recover-Ease & Ener-Ease. I got some of this stuff last year and really liked it. When I found out Wicked Fast Sprots Nutrition were putting together a triathlon team I applied and was picked up. I got some product last week and I'm stoked!

About a month ago I sent a letter to Inside Triathlon regarding their "all-american" selections. I thought they kind of snubbed Xterra as there were no one who raced Xterra selected. I got a really response from Jimmy Archer and they selected my email for letter of the month. For being selected they sent me the "Swimmer Toolkit" from Finis. I'm going to give some of this stuff a try this weekend.



Mallie said...

Hey. Just found your blog,, but remember you from Triscoop. I love those Mojo bars. They're kind of addictive. Congrats on the cool schwag!

Benson said...

Great day "off" you lucky duck. I'll have to use the ol' "sorrey I can't come in today, I have a plummer coming over" routine soon. great Finis goods. paddles are great strength builders. Keep rock'n man.