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Weekly Recap (Recover/Taper- 3.19.2007 - 3.25.2007)

Taper Update #2

I have a lot to cover.

I am going to cover the past week and the coming week day by day. I really want to accurately get down how I am feeling, what I am eating, and the workouts I am doing so after the race is over I will have an accurate log of how my taper worked.

In my last post I wrote about how I am the kind of athlete that needs to be told to hold back. Well Jim busted me. I added a swim on Wednesday morning and was also going to hit a quick Masters session on Thursday. I got a call and an email from him Wednesday night telling me to "BACK OFF!" He ordered me to take Thursday completely off (like he already had on my plan) and the trust the taper. So I did. I slept in and then headed to work. I am glad he made the call. I was wasted. Seriously. I was exhausted all day and just really tired. Probably the most fatigued I have felt so far. Perfect timing for a day off. I really wasn't taking into account that, based on my 2 week build & 1 week recover plan, I was in the middle of a recovery week, and after two back to back 18 hour weeks I really needed it.

Here's how the finished up day by day:

thursday: Rest & a lot of stretching

Swim AM - 3200 yards - 60 min @ work pool. Water was cold but I felt good.
Run PM - 50 minute run and I felt really good. Way better then I felt on my 30 min run on Tuesday afternoon

Bike - 2 hrs/37.5 miles/2247 ft of climbing (3 x 6 min intervals, hills simulating course)

run - 23min/3.25 miles/442 ft of climbing

I felt awesome on both the bike and run. It's amazing what a little bit of rest and reduced volume will do. It's pretty much how easy a 2 hr ride/20 min run brick feels right now.

Open Water Swim AM - 40min/1.5 miles
Run (after swim) - 75 mim/11 miles

The water is warming up. The swim felt great. By far the best open water swim I have had so far this year. I am really looking forward to getting in the ocean more. I wanted to get in the some hard efforts so here's what I did throughout the entire swim:

10 stroke cycles ( 2 strokes, R,L) 10 easy
15h - 15e
20h - 20e
25h - 25e
30h - 30e

Once I got up to 30 stroke cycles (60 stokes) I would work my way back down and then start again. This is the first time I have done this workout and really liked it. I read about it on Blake Becker's blog.

The following run was solid and I easily negative split with some fartleks during the second half. I actually ran a harder router than I wanted through San Elijo lagoon and RSF with 1320ft of climbing. I really can't avoid running hills around here and I am really hoping that translates into a fast run split on the pancake flat course on Sunday. I also experimented with some flat coke. I carried 6oz in a gel flask and have to say it was a success. I was tired going in and that's how I wanted it. I took 3oz at 20min and another 3oz at 40min. It defintely did the trick and I will definitely be using it on Saturday.

Weekly totals:
Total Training Time: 10:43
swim: 12,540 yards (1 Masters, 2 Work pool, 1 open water)
Bike: 55.3 Miles (1 trainer, 1 road/tt)
Run: 23.95 Miles (4 runs - 1 off the bike)
Core: 2 sessions

I am feeling pretty good right now. I am used to having weekends totally crush and right now I am feeling really good. Monday is an off day and then I have some short stuff the rest of the week.
Starting on Saturday I started logging all my food intake in training peaks. I want to make sure I am getting sufficient calories through out the next week. I am not tweaking my diet too much. A little extra carbs in the final 3 days, but as long as I continue with my normal diet with the decrease work load I should be all set.
The weather for the race is looking really good.
My biggest concern about this race weather the potential cold temps so this is good, good news.

I'll post another update tomorrow. It's probably be just a quick to see how I am feeling.

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