Tuesday, January 22, 2008

good timing.

This weekend is going to be be a big one for me... On Friday I turn 30. It's kind of hard to believe and I actually haven't thought about all that much except for scoping out who I will be competing against next year. That's right I am moving up Age groups. I was supposed to be racing the 12 Hours of Temecula on Saturday but my teammate, Luke, is coming down with something and it's going to rain all day. We decided to pull the plug and stay healthy.

I have read a couple of other posts over the course of the past week. Both Jaako and Jeff showed how a day in their lives breaks down. Here's two of my days from this week. It looks nuts but it's pretty typical.


5am - wake up
5:05 - coffee, check/reply to work email, throw back a couple handfuls of granola or trail mix, bathroom
5:30 - leave for masters
6:00 - 7:15 - get in the pool, grind out 4000 yards
7:15-30 - shower, get some free coffee from the YMCA
7:30-50 - drive to work/sit in traffic
8:00 - Eat breakfast at my desk, big bowl of oats
10:45 - pre-workout snack
11:30 - 50 min trail run in PQ canyon

12:25 - second shower at work, put on recovery/compression calf socks
12:35 - slam recovery drink while driving back to my office
2:00 - post workout snack/meal
4:00 - pre-workout snack
4:30 - 60 minute strength workout
6:00 - shower number 3, pack clothes for Wednesday while unpacking clothes from today.
6:15 - make and eat dinner

"Ghetto" burritto and salad.

"ghetto" burritto: 94% Lean hamburger patty, swiss cheese, avocado, sauteed onions & mushrooms, and salsa in a multigrain wrap.

6:40 - dishes, make food for wednesday, get coffee maker ready
7:00 - get some work done/check/reply work email & watch wheel of fortune and jeopardy
8:00 - pour a glass of heart healthy red wine, relax, read,watch The Biggest Loser
9:30 - pass out watching The Biggest Loser (I never make it to see who gets voted off)

I don't always workout out three times on Tuesdays, but I really needed to get the strength session in. I was going to do it Monday but opted to hang out with Beth instead and didn't want to wait any later in the week or else I would risk dealing with DOMS during the 12 hour race on Saturday.

here's the next day...


5:15 - wake up
5:20 - coffee, check/reply to work email, throw back a couple handfuls of granola or trail mix, bathroom
6:00 - 8:00 - Ride w/ 4 x 12 minute climbs (2 seated, 2 standing - alternating)

8:05 - shower
8:15 - make protein/recovery shake, grab all my gear and hit the road
8:30 - 9:00 - drive to work/sit in traffic, slam protein/recovery shake
11:30 - pre-work out snack
12:15 - 1:00 - swim at lunch in work pool, 2500 yards
1:05 - shower
1:15 - drive back to my office
1:30 - eat lunch at desk

Chicken tortilla soup and Turkey, avocado, and swiss wrap.

4:00 - snack at my desk
5:00 - leave work/sit in traffic
6:00 - hang out and cook dinner with beth
6:30 - eat dinner with beth
7:15 - pack clothes for Thursday
7:30 - make food for Thursday, get coffee maker ready
8:00 - watch TV/Read... watch Moment of Truth... gnarly.
9:30 - 10:00 - pass out

Once I put it all down it kind of amazes me how much I get done it one day. It definitely takes a lot of multi-tasking. I wouldn't be to workout like this without my job. I have a lot of flexibility with my schedule, a killer boss, can work from home, have numerous gyms & lockerooms, a private 25 yard pool, and my office is literally half a mile from PQ canyon. It also pays off to have an awesome, understanding girlfriend who also trains her butt off and friends who think I am crazy but are definitely stoked about what I am doing.

Some people probably think that my schedule is nuts and probably not worth all the time and effort it since I am just and AG triathlete, but I wouldn't trade if for anything... well ok, not anything... maybe winning the lottery, buying a big boat, and sailing around the world surfing.


Cliff said...


That's a killer schedule :). You are giving me ideas to squeeze in a swim during my work.

Btw early happy b-day. And congrats to your g/f on having a great 1/2 marathon.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...


Good 3-0 turning :) !!

BTW: what do you do for a living?

Ryan Denner said...

Happy bday man - I myself am turning 27 on the 27th. I still have a few years before I roll with the big boys in M3034.

Paul said...

Congrats on the big 3 0. Another age group for you to dominate! I'm so glad you'll always be one AG behind me. Makes it easier for me. Keep up the good stuff, unless of course you actually win that lottery!

TRI Vortex said...

I'm getting tired just reading about your day. That "ghetto" burrito looks good, I'll have to try that. I totally feel you with the whole age thing. I'm turning 28 this year. Well Happy Birthday! And that's a sweet Dual Monitor setup you have going there.

Slater said...

Crap! We are in the same AG now... I better start swimming on my lunches, before and after work and between my runs... he he I am sure you will be dominating overall anyways. Happy BDAY!

Slater said...

Crap! Now we are in the same AG... I gotta start swimming on my lunches, before and after work and between my rides... Not that it would help me keep up anyways ;-) Happy BDAY

Matt said...

You're a hood. What's your "key" to staying healthy? Your attention to recovery seems pretty obvious, but just curious.

JP Flores said...

happy birthday. the 30's are the best decade. (at least until I turn 40) :-)

that is sweet that you have a pool and showers at work.

TRI-ROB said...

What a great post! MAN... you work your ass off! The thing that stands out the most for me though... is how much you LOVE all of it! CHEERS bro!

Happy Birthday! Don't worry... slowing with age is a myth... you're gonna get faster over the next few years!


Rachel said...

Your schedule sounds a bit like mine. Hmmm, good idea about how to get the strength training done. I know what you mean; I love it too, and lots of people think I'm nuts!

moonpie said...

All this and you STILL have time to take food pics and maintain a detailed blog? I don't see any blogging/workout analysis time allocated - surely, you do plenty of it! You sir, are a machine!

Benson said...

Happy Birthday man.
You're ageless.