Sunday, January 20, 2008

A weekend of ups and downs...

I am loving the trainer these days... Thanks Cody!

I had a weekend filled with ups and downs...

First the bad.

I had a ride on Saturday that made we want to throw my bike off a cliff, another ride where I cracked about half way into it, and the chargers lost.

On Saturday Tom and I headed out to East County San Diego to pre-ride the Boulevard Road Race course. We are both signed to the Boulevard race on 2/2 as our first road race and both need to get in some hours on the bike. The course is a 22 mile loop with plenty of climbing. Our plan was to do multiple laps until we got our fill. I knew things were going to be rough when we were driving out there and the wind was howling across the interstate creating huge dust clouds.

We got on our bikes about 9am and it was about 40 degrees. We knew it was going to be cold and windy but had no idea how bad. The ride was horrible. 30+ mph gusts of wind right in out faces for long periods of time. The wind was swirling and we never go a break. I called it after one lap... I was over it.

Two and half hours later I was back on my bike at home and headed out for 3 hours on the bike. I was feeling good until about the 90 minute mark and started to completely blow up. I was about to call it quits, but slammed some calories and eventually started to come around. I finished the ride feeling good but it was challenging day on the bike to say the least.

Now for the good.

Sunday I headed down to the Carlsbad Half Marathon to root Beth on. We got down their early and I headed out to get my long run in while she warmed up. I ran the course and felt great. My pace was about 6:45 mile and felt effortless. It was rad to run on the 101 with no traffic and empty roads. I even had the race volunteers cheering me on as they were setting up the aid stations. Great run.

Then I got to see Beth and 7999 others tackle the half and full marathon. Bottom line... Beth killed it! She ran a 1:30:13 in her first half marathon! Check her page for the details.

I also saw Jim, Jp, and Mac have solid races. It was a good time and then we hurried home to watch the Chargers game... only to be disappointed. Football season is over for me... the Superbowl is going to be lame!

My homeboy Brett morning the Bolts loss.

Game snacks. Healthy baked buffalo chicken nuggets.

Another epic Dinner courtesy of Beth. Citrus Salad and Chicken tortilla soup.


beth said...

thanks for the race support, coach!...but, we are going to have to work on your meal descriptions . what you called "citrus salad" was actually "jicama citrus salad with toasted almonds & avocado, butter lettuce and a honey-shallot-citrus vinaigrette"...i'm not even going to get into the tortilla soup..

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

apparently great job done on the support-crew front :)

good you backed that bad saturday with a great run on Sunday!! (and finished the "recovery week" alive!!

Benson said...

At least the crappy bike day is behind you.
Nice run.
There you go with the food shots again. And here I go wiping off my keyboard.

Ryan Denner said...

dude, i hate those rides. they anger me too, big time.

TRI-ROB said...

1st off... BETH! Nicely DONE! I'm willing to bet that you pulled a negative split too! Whoop WHOOP!

Jdub... dude... we all have days like that and sometimes it takes a level head to call it a day rather than suffering through it... you're still a pansy though! Bah ha HA!

NICE run bro! Took a look at the graph... nice pacing... took a look at the graph... I'm assuming that a HR of 160 is fairly mellow for you... nice. I can't even imagine running down 101 with no traffic... that's just plain epic!