Monday, January 28, 2008

It's official...

I'm 30!

Here' the my b-day cake/brownies. It was good.

I had a great weekend filled with killer training and good food and drinks. On Friday (my actual b-day) I was off of work and took full advantage. I woke up to some light rain so I got in my prescribed 1:30 trainer session in and followed it up with a 30 minute run off the bike. Feeling good.

the torture rack has been upgraded thanks to Beth! Rad flat screen TV and I now have cable in the garage!

The weather cleared up and I did what anybody would do on their birthday... I hit the roads on my bike. I got in another 2.5 hours under perfect conditions. No complaints.

seriously... January 25th. Sunny, upper 60's and not a cloud in the sky. Kiteboarders getting down.

view from the top of torrey pines.

Friday night we went for some good sushi and then we were up early to ride... alot. I headed down the coast and met with Beth and the tri club and rolled out with them, but wasn't with them for long. I ended up riding with a visiting fast triathlete from DC for a good chunk.

Here's what a graph of 4:45 in saddle looks like. All over the place!

5 hour energy

Saturday night it was time for more birthday celebration. My sister came down from LA and we all headed out to the Brigantine for more good eats.

Here's my dinner. Wok seared Ahi... bring it!

and of course we had desert!

It was supposed to rain all day on sunday so the long run was in jeopardy. Beth and I woke up to just cloudy skies so we got on some coffee and then hit the roads. It ended up being nice and sunny for most of the day... the weather men in San Diego should be canned.

Ready to roll.

My run was solid with almost 2000ft of vertical... getting ready for Xterra trail race this sunday! Feeling strong.

What would a post from me be with out more food photos. Another healthy concoction from James & Beth.


That'll do it. Thanks for all the "happy b-days"!


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

Man!!! I'm crying of happiness everytime I read your stuff :)excellent!!!

Mac said...

Happy Belated Birthday! 30 is not that sweet . . . we are getting old. See you Sunday at the trail run. Take it easy on me.

Jim Vance said...

You do realize you are now in my age-group right? :-P

emkruse said...

Way to age up, James! In only my second season of triathlon I'll also now be competing in what appears to be the most competitive age-group in Xterra. Using your second year as an excellent example of what can be achieved quickly with hard work and dedication. Maybe you should think about turning pro to make it easier on us others in 30-34 ;)

Cliff said...


Happy B-day. Hope this year u will be rocking in the new AG ;)

runninggunner said...

Happy Bday. Those Brownies look awesome.

Matt said...

Happy 30th, James.
I remember mine, well sorta.
Take the age-group by storm!

Bryan said...

Happy Birthday old man!

zippy said...

Go play in someone else's age group! I'm kidding, happy belated birthday, man. Looking forward to mixing it up with you this year. Eric

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday! I age up this year too...

Drew Holmes said...

happy bday and welcome to the big boy club....thirty is the new 15.....I should know since that would make me in my twenties