Tuesday, March 21, 2006

tuesday night

i have had an interesting couple of days. from a training standpoint it has be a pretty typical week so far. yesterday i went into nytro to get my fit adjusted a little bit. i just wanted to get my bars dropped down out a little bit and since i can get fitted there for free i would rather have them do it than have me mess things up.

my fit was already dialed in so dropping the bars should be a piece of cake and it was... and i was still super comfortable. then out of know where i here a guy with an english accent saying my fit looked really good. i turned around and it was spencer smith... i just witnessed him get 3rd in the California 70.3 on saturday. he's a beast. he then walks over to me on my bike and says that the only thing that he would suggest is brining my aerobars closer together becuase said my elbows looked a tad wide. he then explained how he did the samething and he really like it. so the guy fitting me moved them in and sure enough. it feels great and now i am even more aero.

i thought it was really cool of spencer to come over and give me some tips, he was just there hanging out and doing some shopping. we talked for a minute and he was asking what kind for races i was planning on doing this year and just BS'ing.

i dont get star struck or anything like that, but just thought it was rad that he would offer advice to an average guy. i have heard some the top name pros are jerks, especially when it comes to gear set up and strategies.

this is just another good reason to live in san diego... you have to try hard not to run into pro triathletes.

back to training:

AM: swim - 3100 yards
lunch: core/resistance bands/stretching

AM: 60 min spin class (was supposed to ride but it was raining)
PM: track workout
6 x 800 with 2min rest

1 mile warm-up w/running drills and strides

1 - 2:26
2 - 2:26
3 - 2:26
4 - 2:24
5 - 2:26
6 - 2:21

.5 mile cool down

a couple more days until the duathlon on saturday...


Spence said...

Very cool to just bump into pros like that. Just one more reason to love this sport so much!! Glad you're more aero...looking forward to your duathlon results...and smokin' times on your 800s... wow.

Keryn said...

It's always nice when people in positions like that are normal and nice.

Great workouts this week. I can't wait to hear about the duathlon! Good luck!

jp said...

That's really cool that you ran into Spencer Smith. I got some good pics of him finishing at the race Sat.

I was at Nytro yesterday myself, got a new stem and some new tires.

No pro sightings for me though. ;-(

IMmike said...

That is pretty cool about Spencer Smith. He has a really interesting story for a professional athlete. Seems like the guy has had to deal with a lot of hardship and its good to see him back racing well.