Sunday, March 05, 2006

sunday = dead legs

i am really into my sunday workouts. i started the day off with an ocean swim. it was cold. i think the water was around 57. i followed that up with a 6.1 mile trail run... and this where the unexpected happend.

1.2 mile ocean swim
6.1 mile trail run

the run was an out and back in San Elijo lagoon. it's just over 3 miles in each direction. i love this run, but today was even better. about half way to the turn around i see this very attractive female heading in my direction. it was none other than Katya Meyers. in my opinion, she is the hottest pro tirathlete chick around, and i was hoping that i would get a chance to meet here. we crossed paths once again on the way back... i keep telling myself i should have talked to her... but yeah right. there is no way i am going to interupt her workout. i am not that guy.

after all that...i came home took a nap and then headed out with a couple of friends for a 90 minute mountain bike at daley ranch. it was a really tough ride... a lot of climbing. so after riding camp pendleton yesterday and the doing a lot of climbing my legs are "shelled" (stolen from jp, who stole it from gordo). good times!

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