Thursday, March 02, 2006

new bike, first crash, good swim

i started this morning off with a swim. it still blows me away that i can complete a 3000+ yard workout. if you told me that i would be able to do this last fall i would have thought you were crazy.

AM: swim 3200 yards

i got a call at work just after 10am, my new mountain bike was in, and not just any bike. i ordered a 2006 Specialized Stumpjumer hardtail from B&L. this bike comes ready to race. it's light, has racing tires and rims, and top of the line shimano components. so i bolted out of work early, went into the shop, got fitted and hit the trails. since i got my new bike i wanted to get to the trails quick, so i decided to blow off my spin class and actually ride a real bike.

i went to the closest trails in carlsbad. i had forgotten had bad these trails are now. there are huge rocks and boulder everywhere. not a good place for a first ride. i went down, twice, hard. both times i couldnt get out of my pedals in time (new pedals and i think we left to too tight at my fitting). both times i fell, once on my right side and one on my left, i bashed my shin on the down tube.

PM: 60 minute mountain bike - hills 10 miles

so now i am at home icing my shins... i dont think i will ever ride there again. it wasnt really that fun, but my new bike is rad. just what i need for xterra.


Flatman said...

/jealous/ :|

Guernsey Man said...

Congrats on the bike, swim and smashing yourself. See you in the morning.