Sunday, March 19, 2006

sunday... two weeks from today!

it has been a very good weekend. i had some good workouts and got to go watch the Califonia 70.3 in oceanside. i love this sport and i still havent done my first race. i watched people of all levels take on the the half ironman course. it was really inspiring. it made me really wish i was doing the race, but it was cold, and the cold is my enemy.

i watched guernseyman break 5 hours. he posted a really good write up of his race on his blog... give it a read. i also saw luke bell finish in 3:58.. he crushed the course.

ok back to training...

PM: 2 hour mountain bike - daley ranch
i pushed really hard on this ride and did a lot of climbing. it was a really good ride. i felt really strong.

AM: easy 12 mile run in 1:23 - san elijo lagoon. nice solid run
PM: swim - 2000 yards - work pool

my first race is two weeks from today in LA and after watching the race on Saturday it can't come quick enough. my training is going really good and a i feel i can attack the sprint distance. we'll see. i am also going to be a club race next weekend, it's duathlon. i have never done a dualthon but it should be a good test of my speed. i also made and appointment to get me bike tuned at B&L next monday and i am going to nytro tomorrow night to have them adjust my fit. i am going to take lower my bars a little, take out a spacer or two.

i hope the next two weeks fly by, and it gets warm!


theseamonster said...

Good luck!

Rachel said...

what an awesome feeling. i can't wait to get (back) there.