Sunday, March 12, 2006

sunday... ready for bed.

the weather has been crazy this weekend. rain, hail, wind, snow, more rain... since i had a good idea of what the weather was going to be like for the weekend i swapped my saturday and sunday workouts. yesterday i got in a good 10 mile run along the coast. it drizzled for the first half of the run and then sun came out for the last couple of miles.

Sat AM: 10 mile run
- 1:12:00 min - 7:12/mile

after my run i just hung out with my 15 year old nephew. he came to stay the weekend with me while his mom, my sister, headed out to celebrate her best friends b-day. we went to go see "the hills have eyes". probably one of the worst movies i have ever seen. after that we headed to oggi's to have some killer pizza. i passed out last night, i was asleep by 9pm and didn't wake up until 7am this morning. i havn't slept that good in a while.

since i missed the club race yesterday i wanted to get in all 3 sports today.

AM: 2000 yard swim

28 mile bike
6 mile run - 00:36:56 - 6:10/mile

i wanted to do the brick and near race intensity. for the ride i followed a portion of the "swami's ride" just to get familiar with the course. i followed it up to san marcos and then headed back to the coast and then back to my apartment. for the run i wanted to stay just below what i would do in a race... i didn't want to kill myself. i felt solid and definitely felt like i had more in the tank. overall i was satisfied with the workout.

i can't wait to race. i am going to TCSD duathlon on the 25th.


Guernsey Man said...

Yep soooo close. My wave starts at 7:00AM (second set of 30-34M). So if you are at the TCSD pit stop (mile 1 of the run)and see me before 10:10 you know I smoked the bike. If you see me after 10:30 things aren't going as planned.

My nuber is 448.

IMmike said...

The weather was a mess in socal this weekend. I'm glad things are back to normal and I hope that there is good weather for the half next weekend.