Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday... more rain on the way

once again it's going to rain this weekend. we'll see how much and if i will have to alter my workout plans for the weekend.


AM: 2600 yard swim
Lunch: weights - upperbody
PM: Brick - 25 mile ride/2 mile run

i was really sluggish yesterday and for most of the day my stomach was bothering me. I am attributing it to eating like crap on wednesday when i went snowboarding. i really ate a bunch of junk, which i never do, and also had way too much caffeine. i started feeling better after lunch and ended up having a really good brick workout in the evening. so stoke it stays light until 6pm now.

Friday (today):
AM: 2000 yard swim + core + stretching
Lunch: 6 mile trail run

another solid day. I am always ready to go on my friday workouts because i know the weekend i right around the corner.

i have decided not to volunteer tomorrow at the TCSD aid station at the California Half Ironman (70.3). i am instead just going to go down there and watch. i want to see the swim start, the swim finish, the pros, the transistions... the whole thing. i am so stoked for all these people and can't wait until my first race. my first race is not an A race, but still... i just want to see how i do. i have high expectations for myself which i probably shouldn't considering it's my first race. we'll see.


Rachel said...

You'll have to report back on that race. I think that will be my first IM too, when I get that far. I have a ways to go.

Guernsey Man said...

Thanks for cheering us on. Did you see Michelle, she did my goal time even, ughh.