Thursday, March 30, 2006

thursday - 3.30.2006 - all done.

i am so glad it's thursday night. i was super busy at work today so the day flew by, and all i have on tap for tomorrow (at work) is an 11am meeting.

AM: swim - 2600 yards + core workout
PM: 4 mile recovery run

Today (thurs)
AM: 25 mile ride - carlsbad loop
Lunch: weights - upperbody
PM: 6 mile run - hill loop

i am pretty tired right now, but today was my last hard training day before the race on sunday. i have a 3000 yard swim tomorrow and core workout. on saturday i am going to be playing by how i feel (coach's guidance). in the morning i am going to go on 15 mile ride and a mellow 3 mile run in the afternoon. i am training through this race because i have my first A race on 4/23.

that's all for now... time to watch that 70's show.

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IMmike said...


I got this in an email from my tri club. It's some info on the Bonelli race this weekend. Good luck youre going to rock!


* Water Temperature: For the first race in April the water temperature is expected to be in the low 60’s. By June the water temperature is expected to rise to the high 60’s.
* Surface Conditions: Lake swim with NO Waves. Water quality is good and in places you can see the bottom of the lake.
* Fresh Water: Puddingstone Lake is fed by a combination of springs and local creeks, no salt water flows into the lake.


* Road Surfaces: Generally good surfaces on all roads in the park and around the lake. The park has a seven million dollar budget for improvement this year so expect some of the roads in the park to be repaved this year.
* Terrain: A mixture of flat and rolling hills. NO significant climbs on the course. Watch for sharp turns when transitioning from Raging Waters Drive to Puddingstone Drive (First Race Only).


* Surfaces: All of the run courses at Bonelli include a mixture of dirt and paved surfaces.
* Terrain: Expect a couple of short gentle climbs on the runs. On the 2nd and 3rd races, just past the trailer park, is a reasonably steep grade but the hill is only a couple hundred yards long. The runs are considered mostly flat with some rolling terrain.

Transition Areas

* Surfaces: Generally speaking, the surface to and in the transition area is good.
* Short distance from the swim exit to the transition area: None of the races require you to run more than 150 yards from the swim exit to the transition area. In the first race you will run across a sand beach up to the transition area. In the 2nd and 3rd races you will cross some grass after exiting the water.