Saturday, April 01, 2006

saturday 4.1.2006 - can't sleep

it's saturday morning and it's now about 6:40am. I have been up for an hour. my body is completely programmed to get up early. no matter how hard i try there is no way i can sleep in. i feel completely fresh after a 3050 yard swim yesterday and a core workout. so i guess that's a good sign.

i drove up to my sisters house in LA last night and i am just taking it easy today... it's raining... again. i was going to go on an easy 3 mile run this morning, but since it's raining i am going to head out and run some errands with my sister. she wants to get out of LA for the weekend so my sister, my nephew, and I are going to head out to san dimas, check out lake bonelli, and snag a hotel for the night.

i can't stop thinking about the race tomorrow. i really keep thinking about the run. it's like when i think about the whole race, it's just a race to get to the run. then i have it covered. i like swimming, and a really like cycling, but running... i love it. my next post will be a race report. time for more coffee.


Habeela said...

Good luck on the race tomorrow. You'll do great I'm sure!

Rachel said...

looking forward to a race report!