Tuesday, April 11, 2006

tuesday 4.11.2006 - going solo

well i have made the decision to start coaching myself and this is my first week. there were a couple reasons leading up to the decision.
1. save money
2. i think it will be fun and challengeing
3. i would have to pay a lot for a coach to really get to know me and how my body is reacting/recovering from workouts. i have been athletic my whole life and think i know how my body works. and thais knowledge will allow me to dial in my workouts to maximize my potential.

i learned a lot from working with my coach and i feel i can now apply that, as well as use the abundace of resources (book,internet,bloggers,club members) to get me to where i want to be. who knows... i may be making a huge mistake.

Monday: rest day

this was harder than i thought... a total day off. i did go to the gym at lunch and just stretched for 20 minutes. if felt really good. my body feels much better today for it. i can't wait to ride.

here is something kind of cool. a guy in my tri club made a little video of the club duathlon last saturday. it shows me (i am wearing navy blue and white) leading the way coming back from the 1st run and then heading out on the bike. the funny thing is it also shows me coming back from the bike and he does a close up on my face and you can see me saying something to officials. this was me informing them that "there was no way all those people ahead of me did 5 laps on the bike". if you don't know what i am talking about read my post from sunday night...


AM: swim 3200 yards
PM: brick - 90min mountain bike/15min run (after work)


Guernsey Man said...

That is a sweet video. I was wondering what that guy filming was going to do.

Habeela said...

Awesome video! And good luck with the self-coaching. It sounds like you've got a huge resource base which will take a lot of the guesswork out of it.

Rachel said...

i think self-coaching helps speed self-discovery. it's all about experimentation and listening to your body. Plus, it makes it more fun, I think.

jp said...

Very cool video. I agree with the self-coaching route. I was coached the season I did my first IM and to be honest, I didn't really enjoy the experience. Maybe it was my coach, but I like having control of my own experiment.

With the tremendous amt of info available on the internet and through the tri club I think you'll do great.

Cliff said...

Great video..i. read about the last post. If ppl forget about counting fine..but those who cheated...glad they got caught.