Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday - 4.4.2006 - looking back

my legs have almost totally recovered from my race and leg cramp(or whatever it was) fiasco. now that i have had time to look back on my race there are a lot of things i can improve on.

1. swimming. i was 2 minutes behind the leaders getting out of the water. that is 1 minute to late in my opinion. i know i will never be able to hang with the top swimmers who have been swimming a lot longer than me, but i could have started in a better position. i should have started more to the inside. the first 250 meters were really rough. in order to improve my swimming i am joing the solana beach masters starting this friday. it's time to bite the bullet and have a coach kick my butt in the pool. should be interesting.

2. t2 could have been quicker. i flailed and couldn't find my transition area. typical newbie mistake. this is easy to fix.

3. i need solid warm up routine and i want it to be the same at every race. i need to loosen up, get in the zone, and be consistent.

that's about it for now. i will be doing the club race on saturday and i will begin to work on these things there.

workouts this week:

AM: 2000 yard recovery swim
lunch: 20 min very easy spin on bike, core & stretching

AM: easy 20 mile ride - had some trouble with my front derailer
PM: 6 mile trail run - in the rain

it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow. i was supposed to have a bike workout at fiesta island tomorrow night, but that's not going to happen. instead i am going to do an indoor brick tomorrow night and head out to fiesta island thursday night.


Spence said...

Good race rundown...it's nice to have so many races so close together so you can really apply what you've learned. And hopefully the masters program will help... yardage is good but make sure you're getting some technique instruction too... practicing bad form isn't the best way to move forward!! Glad the leg cramp thingy seems to have worked itself out... very odd...

Flatman said...

Just keep working hard...the results will show it!

IMmike said...

I joined a masters group earlier this year. It really helped out a lot as I got some good coaching and it's just easier to swim when you are with a group. I'm not going right now because the intensity was taking it's toll and it was affecting my other workouts. Once I move into the build phase of my training I'll go back.

Habeela said...

Nice assessment and enjoy the masters group. They're so much fun!