Sunday, April 16, 2006

sunday 4.16.2006 - sunday brick

Cutting back the volume over the last week has me feeling strong. I am working towards peaking for next sundays race (AZ Xtreme Offroad Triathlon) and continute to the following weekends race (Big Blue Offroad Tri). My goal for the season is to qualify for the Xterra National Championship in Tahoe on 10.1.2006. To do this i need to finish in the top 10 in the southwest region and your ranking is determined by your 3 best results in Nissan Xterra point series races. I am doing 6 races Xterra qualifiers between now and August.

4/23 - Az Xtreme Offroad Tri - Mesa, AZ
4/30 - Big Blue Offroad Tri - Castaic Lake, CA
5/21 - Xterra West Championhips - Temecula, CA
6/4 - Deuces Wild Offroad Tri - Show Low, AZ
6/18 - Xterra East Championships - Richmond, VA
8/6 - Snow Valley Offroad Tri - Running Springs, CA

if i qualify:
10/1 - Xterra National Championships - Lake Tahoe, CA

In order to compete at a high level in these races I am going to have to do some interesting things with my training schedule. Firguring it all out should be fun and definitely a learning experience.

on another note i got a Polar S625x Heart Rate monitor with all the bike attachments (candence & speed sensors). i have been looking at there for a while and could come to the terms with spending the $400+ to get the whole set up. Then last week a guy in the tri club posted his for sale in the tri club classifieds for only $150... for everything. I jumped on in it and am now the owner... and stoked.

weekend workouts

PM: 90 min mountain bike - 3 mile t-run (20min)

500 warm -up

4 x 500 @ 8:00
1. 500 swim

2. 500 pull

3. 500 swim w/fins

4. 500 pull w/ paddles

run: (see chart)

60 min:

10 min warm-up

40 min hard (marathon Pace - 6:29/mile)

10 min cool down


IMmike said...

I've got a 625x as well. They are great. I dont have the bike attachments though. I use a separate bike computer.

That's a lot of xterra races. I'm sure you'll love it though. One of my riding buddies does the xterra worlds every year. I think he was 2nd or 3rd American in his age group last year.

Rachel said...

Wow. Let me know how Xterra goes. I've only done road tris. What kind of mtn bike do you need? they sound like a lot of fun.

Habeela said...

You're going to do great in the Xterra races given your performances so far.

Mmmm...more graphs! I don't know why graphs are such a satisfying thing but they really make you feel like you accomplished something! :)