Wednesday, April 12, 2006

wednesday 4.12.2006 - Masters swim: take two

first of all i have to thank guernseyman for this one. at the end of our ride last weekend we were talking about masters swimming (he is a very good swimmer) and he suggested the UCSD Masters program. UCSD has a triathlon program that includes masters swimming, track workouts, and turbo (spinning) classes.

so this morning i headed out the door and to UCSD to give it a try. UCSD has two pools, short and long course, and they split up the masters group. they have a fast group and a slow-medium group and they switch week to week between the pools. i went with the slow-medium group and headed to the 50 meter pool. the coach put me in the second faster lane and they were swimming on a 1:45 interval which was perfect for me. all i can say is that the swim was a blast. a total of 3600 meters and it was not too hard, i felt really comfortable, and the people were my lane were super cool. here was our main set:

3 x 600
- 3 x 50 base +5
- 1 x 150 build base +5
- 1 x 300

i am heading back Friday to sign up and will probably be swimming with them 3 days a week. i have a feeling this is really going to make a huge impact on my swimming. i have also decided that after my back to back "A" races on 4/23 & 4/30 i am going to put myself through a "swimming bootcamp". for 2 weeks i am going to swim with the master team m-f and then do an open water swim on Sunday. we'll see how that goes.

today's training:
AM: master swim - 3600 yards
lunch: weights - upperbody
PM: Run - hill repeats
10 min warm-up
2 sets of the following:
1 x bottom of hill - avg 1:12
1 x top of hill - avg 1:10
1 x full hill - avg 2:35
10 min cool down

the hill repeats were killer... i am beat.


Spence said...

YAY!!!! I knew you'd find a way to make this Masters stuff work. That's GREAT!! You'll have so much fun and will get SO much faster. Excellent. So glad you tried a second program. Can't wait to hear how your swimming progresses!! Masters swimming ROCKS!!

Guernsey Man said...

Glad it worked out. It is a great group with tons of different workouts. Did ou bring your bike today. Corner of El Camino 12:05PM, see you there if you did.

IMmike said...

it'll definitely make a huge impact. We've got two programs in pasadena. one at the rose bowl and one at caltech. I like the caltech program better because it's so convenient but it's good to have options.