Wednesday, March 15, 2006

it's wednesday night.... finally home.

it's been a long last few days and i made mistake. so monday is typically my easy day and after pushing myself on run on sunday i needed it. while at work on monday i decided to take wednesday off of work to take my nephew snowboarding. i have been snowboarding for years and just got my 15 year old nephew into it this year. the mountains got 3 feet of snow from this last storm so i was due for one last trip.

i almost decided not to go snowboarding because of training but then changed my mind because of a great blog i have been reading. it's by IMmike
. mike is a grad student and training for IM and has some really great blogs. in one of his recent blogs he talks about burning out and taking time for himself. so i decided to head to mountains to shred based on his blog... go figure... the internet.

so because i decided to take wednesday completely off i moved my wednesday easy run to monday night.... stupid.

AM - swim 2600
lunch - core workout
PM - 4 mile easy run

i felt like crap on the run... i should have rested.

AM - 25 mile ride - hilly carlsbad loop
PM - track workout 4 x 1200 @ 3:40 - 400 jog rest

i felt dead at the track and not one of my better workouts. i know it was because of not giving my legs a break on monday. lesson learned. right after my workout i headed to my sister's house in LA.

so snowboarding was fun today... good snow.. it was warm... i am sunburned, and beat. time for bed... gotta swim in the morning.


Rachel said...

Wow! Lots of activity. That's awesome you went snowboarding. That's something I've never done. I'm on the other side of it where I am taking too much time off b/c life got in the way this week. It's such a fine balance.

Cliff said...

Have you consider snowboarding as a cross training for tri? :D

During my recovery week, me and my buddy will go carve the hills. We go from 1pm till 10 pm. Yeah a lot of carving. The next day, my body is usually fried. Great fun, even though i run into the trees way too many times..(that's what the helmet is for).

Rachel said...

I'd love to try snowboarding sometime. It sounds like a lot of fun. Today, for the first time in years, I got the basketball out of the closet and shot hoops. It totally tired me out, but it was great fun! Plus, all that stuff helps in ways you can't even imagine.