Friday, January 06, 2006


so.. another year. this one is going to be way different for me. I am shunning the drinking and partying and replacing them with hours of running, biking, and swimming. i dont want to just do triathlons... I want to be competitive. I am going to give everything i have... for the first time in my life. I have never gave my everything to anything. we will see what happens.

My rides are up to 45 miles. My runs: 16 miles. My swims: 2500 yards.

i have been slammed at work. I am currently working on some gnarly lab setups and working on designing a network for a company that we just acquired for 800 million bucks. fucking crazy. I also had to troubleshoot a tough voip problem this week. I figured it out and to school the Cisco engineers and convince them that they had a bug in the firmware they are deplying on some of their voip phones.

i have just been listeing to a lot of rap... i dont know why.

the waves have been pumping for the last 3 weeks. this has been the biggest and most consistent stretch since i moved back out here.

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