Friday, June 15, 2007

back in VA!

It's on!

It never fails. Everytime I come back to Virginia the weather is nuts. It was super nice when I got in to town on Wednesday afternoon, yesterday it was cloudy and drizzled, and Sunday is going to be out of control hot up in Richmond.

With a 10:30am start it will be damn hot!

If you have been reading this blog for a while and know I feel about the heat and you know I was absolutely stoked to see this forecast. I race the best when it's really hot and most of my competition seems to to do the opposite. Needless to say staying hydrated and keeping my electorlytes in check is going t obe key over the next couple of days. I am going to be living on NUUN.
Training this week is going as planned. I had a short killer bike Tuesday morning and I smashed my old PR's, both on the climb and descent, on the loop by my house. Wednesday was a rest as I made the transcontinental flight. Yesterday was a 50 min run with some short intervals. On the last two I was going sub 5:10/mile pace and felt really good. My workouts this week have giving me a lot of confidence and I can't wait to "do work" on Sunday.
In about an hour I will making the 100 mile drive up to Richmond to ride the course. I can't wait. The trail system in Richmond is killer. Riding it last year was super fun. I am even staying an extra day in Richmond to get in some riding... depending on how crushed I am from the race... and how many beers I have post race!

One last thing before I head out. I have to give props to the guys over at Conte's Bike shop in Virginia Beach. Yesterday when I put my bike back together I was having some problems with my rear break. They are located a couple of miles from my parents house so I gave them a call. I explained my situation and they were able to get me right in for race tune-up. When I got there I noticed the the were a big time Specialized dealer so I knew my bike was in good hands. 45 minutes later I was ready to roll. Good guys at that shop!

View from my room at my parents house... a lot of green:
Crack #1:
Crack #2:


Matt said...

Best of luck. What's up with the 10:30 start?

xteric said...

You're mentally & physically peaked for this one. Keep your head together & go crush it!

barndog said...

sounds like you got some good luck. i'm pulling for you man.

Benson said...

High octane beverages with hot and humid weather. sounds like the perfect combination for your strengths. BURN IT UP!

Drew Holmes said...

get some!!!!!!

Jessi said...

Sweet shades (profile pic).

Rachel said...

You'll do great. I used to live in Virginia. Serious humidity but glorious afternoon thunderstorms in the evenings.