Monday, September 03, 2007

done... and done. (long post)

Yesterday was Labor day... a day off of work... and a day to bbq and drink beer. So what did I do? I finished up my big cycling focused block (jun-yesterday) and celebrated with a 4.5 hour ride... and yes I am pretty shelled right now.
This photo pretty much says it all. Post ride, post mexican food throwdown, ready for a beer and a nap:

The past week was super busy but it was killer. I got in a ton for quality training, 2 Padres games, and scored some good waves. I'll just recap day by day.

I got in a solid swim in the morning and a hilly trail run at lunch. In the evening I went and watched the Padres take it to the D'backs and move into a tie for first place.

I got up early and hit the local trails on the MTB. The mountain bike race the previous Sunday was pretty intense so I decided not to do my normal interval/hill climb workout and decided on a more technical/skills based ride. I got in quite a bit of climbing but it was all technical single track climbs and then I just blasted the descents. As I was descending the last time I crossed paths with Paula Newby Fraser and Michellie Jones. They were running up the single track. I said good morning and then I was on my way... the oatmeal was calling me!

The afternoon brought the Club aquathlon. By the time I got down to La Jolla it was 4:45 pm and I was super tired. The race started at 6:25 so I had some time and actually took a 30 min power nap on the beach. After I woke up a just hung out and talked to a bunch of folks and then warmed up. The weather was perfect and the water was glassy. Over a hundred people showed up from the race including some of the local pros (Jim Vance & Kate Major) as well some top brazilian pros (Paulo Miyasiro, Fabio Carvalho, & and another guy that I can't remember his name). Both Paulo and Fabio placed in the top 10 at the Chicago Triathlon the previous weekend... fast dudes for sure. Norman Stadler was down there too but not racing.

As for the race... I was still pretty sluggish when the 1000m swim started and I just cruised, found some feet, but really didn't push the pace. I came out of the water around the top 10-15 right with Kate Major, but quite a ways back from the leaders. Jim and the brazilians were taking it out with and there were another handful of guys out ahead of me. As always my plan was to descend each of the four .75 mile legs (3 miles total, 2 x out and back). I was still getting it together on the first leg and started reel the guys in on the 2nd. I really picked it up on the third leg and moved into 5th right before I got to the pier. At this point the only guys ahead of me were Paulo Miyasiro, Fabio Carvalho, Jim, and the other brazilian. Paulo, Fabio, and Jim were out of reach but I knew I could get the other guy. Right after the final turn around I surged to pass him and just kept pouring it on. I felt great and ended up finishing 4th. Good times.

After the race I had a chance to catch up with Rachel and also met Paul. Good people.
The podium. L to R: Jim - 3rd, Paulo - 2nd, Fabio - 1st

Since Labor day weekend was coming up I went ahead and took Friday off to give me a 4 day weekend to smack myself down. So Friday morning I got my favorite "brick" workout in. I woke up had a killer breakfast, surfed for 90 minutes and then headed out for a solid 3+ hours on the road bike. I rode the Swami's loop and extended it. It was hot but I felt good. Later on it was time for another surf and some relaxing... and mexican food.
pre surf/ride brekkie. jack & matisse bar topped with power pb and some granola.

Saturday: GNARLY!
A hard day for sure. I started the day with a 2200 yard swim in the work pool with some hard short stuff and then it was straight onto the mountain bike. I rode through PQ canyon and out to black mountain. I climbed black moutanin 3 times (extended the normal climb to ~20 min). It was hot (in the 90's) and it crushed me. I got back to my truck, put on the running shoes and got in a solid 30 minute T-run on the trails. I felt ok, but it was defintely hot. I'll be ready the Maui heat for sure.
On Saturday it was down to Petco again. This time it was to watch the Pads smack around the Dodgers.
3:21, 34 miles, 3500ft + of climbing.
Heading out to Black Mountain:

View from the top:

crushed... recovering:

Another hot day. I got in a much needed open water swim and then straight onto a blazing hot 80 minute run through San Elijo Lagoon. I don't think I have ever sweated so much in my life. I was dripping by the time I was done. I started the run from Fletcher's cove so right after the run I was back in the water and it felt great. After that it was a killer lunch at Swami's cafe and then a surf in the evening.

Monday (Labor Day):
To celebate Labor day and then end of the my cycling focused block I decieded to go for a long one. Nothing like 4.5 hours in the saddle. I rode with Beth and we kept it in the endurance zone (power) for the most part but the heat and fatigue from a big week/weekend was getting to both of us. I was still feeling strong on the final climbs but was glad to get off the bike for sure. Right of the bike it was into the pool in my complex to cool off then onto El Caribe to stuff our faces... and of course there were a couple beers to follow at home later on in the evening.
Me riding through the tunnel on Camp Pendleton:
Now today is Tuesday and it's a recovery week with the Pacific Coast Triathlon on Sunday. The race is just for fun and will be a good full blast workout. Since it is a recovery week and the volume will be down quite a bit from the previous weeks I should head into Sunday feeling pretty good. I'll take a coupe of easier days at the begining of next week before putting in a couple more hard ass weeks leading up to Nationals in Tahoe and then it's the onto the #1 goal, The Xterra World Champs in Maui on 10/28.
When is this heat wave going to end?


moonpie said...

Awesome post man, but the details about surfing are severely lacking!

Erik B said...

What a beast!

Bill said...



I read through every bit, waiting to catch some details about how La Jolla Shores or Coronado was going off.

But NO!!!!!

Nice week, BTW.

I sure do miss SD.

Benson said...

Good post man.
Your training sounds perfect.
Now, I'm also curious about the waves.
I'm with ya about the heat wave, I hate the heat.

Matt said...

Really loving the blogging style.

Photos and format make this blog perfect.

Kick some butt in your races!