Friday, September 07, 2007

recovery time... and some random photos.

Things are going according to plan this week and I am recovering nicely. After 4 pretty big weeks a recovery week was definitely in order. The volume is down but there is has been some intensity thrown in and when I have fired it up I have felt great. Racing this weekend should be fun as I should actually be feeling pretty rested, which wasn't the case in my last 3 races (Rim Nordic #4, Xterra Snow Valley and the Solana Beach Triathlon).

Below are some random photos from past races and of course I had to throw some food in there.

TCSD Aquathlon, heading out for lap 2:

Overall podium shot from Rim Nordic series:

Solana Beach Triathlon... getting my aero on:

one more from SB:

Descending at Snow Valley:

post mtb brekkie - egg sandwich (1 whole egg, 2 whites,) with lettuce tomato, red onioin, low fat cheese, dark whole grain bread. one the side - Kiwi and strawberries:

Dinner from one night this week. hamburger (94% lean patty) on dark whole grain bread, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, low fat cheddar, dill pickles, & garlic mayo. on the side - gilled peppers and plum tomatoes:

sign at the start of the single track descent at my local trail:


erik (tete) said...

Nice man...keep the pics of the food coming, it's always nice to look at delicious healthy eats and hard training to help keep motivation up

Benson said...

Niiiiiice pics.
I'll say it again, you're one tough too.
I'll also say this again, what's with the lowfat cheese? It looks like you don't need to eat lowfat anything.
'scuse me while I wipe the drool from my face. Yummy eats.

barndog said...

Top of the food chain. Must be rough having those trails in your back yard. Location, Location, Location. Nice work as always.

SixTwoThree said...

Too bad you don't live close! I want to eat at your place :-)