Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anaerobic Power Sprints and Vo2 Max Intervals.

I thought I would go with a blog title that was a little tougher than "abs 'n arms".

I almost forgot about this until I received another email from USAT on Wednesday.

I finished ranked 2nd in the 25-29 AG for the 2007 season in USAT off road category. I am pretty stoked about this. My homeboy Trevor edged me out for first. Last year I was 5th and got honorable mention. I know the USAT rankings don't mean that much but noneless it's nice to be recognized for all the hard work that goes into racing and having a good season. So that makes two all-american awards in one year. The first one was the Xterra All-Americans that were published on Inside Triathlon's website.

Some of my homeboys killed it last year too.
Trevor Glavin: All-American, ranked 1st in 25-29 (jerk!)
Tom O'brien: All-American, ranked 6th in 30-34
Brian Barrett: Honorable Mention, ranked 7th in 25-29
Cody Waite: 7th Overall pro in Xterra US Tour (first year as a pro!)

I am pretty much done with a very busy week at work which has had me juggling my workout schedule a bit but I have still been able to get everything in. I even found a new hill in San Elijo Lagoon to do my hill work on. It's perfect and I'll definitely be back out there.

the weather has been incredible lately in San Diego. The view from the entrance to San Elijo Lagoon.

Other than that training is going well this week. My body handling the added intensity pretty well. No aches and pains. I try to have 2 hard days in a row (Tues/Weds) and then an easier day (Thurs) and then hit it hard Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before having another mellow/rest day on Monday. This format works well for me but I am definitely pretty tired by Thursday and Sunday afternoon.

20 Minute interval with "anaerboic power sprints"... yeah... it was hard.
red = HR, yellow = power, green = cadence (rpm)

I have been doing my long runs on Thursdays at lunch. Here's today's. I squeezed it in between meetings and barely made it back in time.

This Saturday I will be running the St. Patty's day 10K. I am substituting it with my tempo run workout. The course is actually a little long (6.35 miles instead of 6.2) according to my Garmin and other athletes that have run this race many times. So it's not a PR course but I ran it last year so it will be interesting to see how my times stack up. Last year I finished 5th overall and 2nd in my AG with a time of 34:11. It should be a good time no matter how it goes.

So now it's Thursday night and I am sitting hear in recovery tights with a glass of cab and getting ready to crash. Tonight I helped out a the Break Away Training weekly track workout and then grabbed some Whole Foods for dinner with Luke and Felipe. Luke is doing much better after the crash which I couldn't be more stoked about.

I have another "gnar" trainer session first thing in the AM... time for bed, but here's some random photos for you.

Dinner Wednesday night. Steamed veggies and sauteed shrimp in an Asian honey mustard sauce. Chronic.

We have free beverage vending machines at work. They usually have water and soda, but now they have added big ass energy drinks. Seriously, $3 drinks for free around a bunch in IT geeks... the machines are emptied the same day they are filled... no joke.


GZ said...

What company is that? I might need to apply there and get paid in energy drinks?

Nice run, but damn, do you work on a cliff?

Paul said...

Good luck on Saturday. I'm doing the club race on Sunday so I need to ride in the AM on Sat.

Is Felipe running the track sessions at La Jolla high school still?

Benson said...

You're killing me with that nice weather. It's getting depressing where I am.
Again with the crazy hard workouts. Nice job.
Good food.
Bad energy drink. I can just see those IT guys all jacked up in a mouse clicking frenzy.

TRI-ROB said...

Cracks me up how you belittle your accomplishments! "I know USAT rankings don't mean much..." puLEASE... dude... soak it in... you earned it! Don't make me come down there and give you a lesson in appreciation! Bah Ha HA! Seriously bro... you should be proud.

Nice workouts... I particularly like the long run this week! I'm looking forward to getting done with my "testing" this week so I can start hitting it hard too...


ramon said...

Dude..Wednesday's dinner looks amazing. I remember you killed it at St Paddy' 10k last year after Jim layed down the challenge. Get after it again..Good luck!

fatdad said...

Good luck this weekend. Running Gunner turned me on to your blog and I have reading for a while: great stuff. I picked up some of those Ziploc steam bags on your recommendation and they are money!

Jim Vance said...

Dude, apparently your blog is famous out here in Saipan!