Sunday, March 30, 2008

Opening Day.

It's opening day...

I am pretty stoked that the Major League baseball season starts this week and the Padres home opener is tonight. I will be watching it on TV... Last year I was at the home opener and it was Killer!!!

My 2008 Triathlon season will also get underway this week. On Sunday I will be racing the Superseal Triathlon. It's an olympic distance race out on Coronado and should be good times. I am not resting at all for this race and it will actual come at the end of a pretty hard week as this week starts my second build phase. This race should serve as a good test and a killer workout. I have more test races coming up the following weekends which should really help me dial in my speed, work on transitions, and just get in "race" mode.

I will be doing the entire San Diego triathlon series on the Break Away Training elite team. It should be fun mixing it up with the some of the fast road guys around here and I really expect to get my ass handed to me but it will be fun to try and hang with them... and I know it will pay off when I toe the line for my Xterra races.

This past week was a recovery week and I was due. My first build phase went very well and my body handled the increasing intensity pretty well. I still had some challenging workouts this week but the volume was reduced quite a bit. Overall I feel great and rested... definitely ready to nail it this week.

Saturday I headed down the Oceanside to watch the Cali 70.3 and get in a run. I hung out, watched the swim start and then headed out for a 1:15 run. I met Beth halfway out and we ran back together and then went to watch the race. The race was killer. Biggups to all our friends that were out there racing.

Sunday morning I finished the week up with a mellow 3 hour mountain bike ride in PQ canyon with Tom and then hit the the trails for a 30 minute transition run. On the ride we just hit as much single track as possible and didn't do too much climbing. As always riding with Tom is a good time. I love the fact that I can ride for 3 hours and then run for 3o minutes and have it all be off road.

the bike.

the run.

Later on Beth and I made some fish tacos and knocked back some cold beers as we watched the first ESPN Sunday night baseball game of the year... ok I watched. She's not too much of baseball fan and she was busy making sure everything was going smoothly on the internet.

That's it. This week is going to challenging for sure and the race on Sunday should be interesting to say the least. I still haven't got my new Look TT bike so I will be riding my Cervelo. I should probably take it down from the hanging up in my garage... it's been there since last July after I raced the Solana Beach triathlon.... it hasn't been ridden since.

Here's a video from the 70.3. Potts heading out on the bike after crushing the swim. Go USA!


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...


make your old bike proud before the Look comes to take its place!!!

GZ said...


Ryan Denner said...

not tapering for superseal either, and fully expect to get my ass kicked (esp. on the swim)!

but dude, the dual is the choice of champions - you don't much to worry about!

Nikee Pomper said...

Another killer weekend in the books. Good Job! You are going to crush it at Superseal. Nice video of Potts. Check out the Mike Plumb's pic of the 40 yard showdown-
Bad ass!

Bullet said...

I'm pumped about the season as well, but pissed Torre is now a Dodger. Can I even still like the Yanks?

FatDad said...

Baseball? Who's thinking about baseball with NHL playoffs around the corner? hahahahaha

Ryan Denner said...

beers after superseal for sure!

Rachel said...

Good luck at Super Seal! Watching CA 70.3 was awesome.

Benson said...

Just catching up here.
great training and races.
I love that pool you have at work. I gotta get me one of those.
and those camping essentials are right on the money.
I hope your wounds have healed.