Friday, April 04, 2008

Race Ready?

This is going to be a quick one... I have to get out the door for a session on the mountain bike before I head to work.

Work and training have kept me really busy this week and I have another 12 hour day at work on tap today. Nothing like starting the week with an upgrade at 530am Monday and ending the week with another 9pm on Friday... good times.

My second build phase is in full swing and the workouts are definitely kicking my ass... in a good way. Here are couple great posts I have read this week which have come at the exact right time in my training. Read and learn.

Cody Waite - Listening to your Body
Coach Paulo - Getting the Work Done
Mac Brown - Acting Like a Professional

and then Trevor posted on Race Recovery which is going to very important for me as I have some low priority races coming as I get ready for Xterra West Champs in Temecula.

Trevor Glavin - Post Race Recovery

As for the race this weekend.... it's going to be tough but fun. I should be pretty shelled heading in but will definitely lay it down as best as I can. It will be interesting to see how my 10k off the bike compares to my stand alone 10k at the St. Patty's day race where I ran a 33:56 on a course that is just a tad long. Predictions?

Here's my sweet TT bike ready to go... I lubed the chain, rode it up and down the street a couple of times to make sure it's good to go... and even practiced a couple of mounts and dismounts.

The Padres have started the season 3-1. Word.


GZ said...

Predictions ... the Rox win 38 of thier last 42 games to win the west again.

34:30. I really have no clue as to how you tri guys translate off an open 10k to one in a multi-sport race.

Sweet looking bike.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

Have fun racing man and do it FAST!!!

Great article links, have to check them out!

Don't overwork yourself

skinfit said...

Kick some ass homeboy!
I think you'll post a fast run split so keep some brews on ice to celebrate.
I look forward to getting a full race report.

runninggunner said...

Good Luck on the Weekend. Have fun.

Matt said...

Re: the Pads.
We should be 4-0. Trevor, I think, is going to be a bit of an issue this year. I wouldn't have been surprised if he "called it a day" after last seasons big finish . . collapse. The fact that he is . . er. .was the man might prove to be a problem. Bud Black better have big balls and not hesitate with the hook!

Game 3 is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

Kick some ass this w/e!

Benson said...

Sweet jaysus you're a bizzy man. but you manage it well. your TT bike looks lean and mean...and FAST.
Good luck in your race this weekend and don't forget your lucky pink headband.

barndog said...

That disk might as well be a motor. lots of momentum there. you will feel really fast on the bike compared to MTB especially running tubulars = faster run split.
sub 34.
do it.

FatDad said...

Thanks for the links, look forward to checking out what those guys have to say.
Go crush it this weekend, look forward to the race report.

Ryan Denner said...

I needed to read this post, and the links you have on it - thanks.

Nikee Pomper said...

Kick some butt this weekend! I'll be down there on Sunday absorbing the race energy. I'll be cheering for ya! You are going to do Grrrrrr-8!

ramon said...

Dude,your gonna smoke it anyways. I say say your as fast. Predicting 34:38! At any rate, its gonna be a fun race. Definitly gonna have some brews afterwards, you down?

Jim said...

Good Luck this weekend. Call and let your mother know how it went. I know you will do well. Stay healthy....... Dad

Jim said...

Good Luck this weekend. Call and let us know how you did. Dad

Cliff said...


Paulo Sousa's post is excellent. Have a blast this weekend.

I predict your time to be 36:00. Maybe u will run faster off the bike :).

TRI-ROB said...

Thanks for those links! Good stuff!

REALLY looking forward to reading through your race report! I EXPECT it no later than Sunday evening... make it happen cap'n! Bah ha HA!