Wednesday, April 30, 2008

back in town and back to work!

Well things are getting back to normal... and just in time. I am back in town, training, and work has backed off a bit so things are good.

I am now in the first of two "Peak" weeks and then it's on to race week. The volume is definitely down, but the intensity is up. My focus is on two race-simulation workouts per week each of the next two weeks with the volume within them gradually coming down as I get closer to race day.

Wednesday's Effort - Peak workout #1


I love these workouts but they definitely leave me pretty beat down so recovery is important. This weekend will be solid and I am kind of splitting up my race simulations. On Saturday I will be hitting hard on the mountain bike and then on Sunday I will be racing the Spring Sprint. The race is short (1/4 mile swim, 9 mile bike, and 3 mile run) and the focus will just be running fast off the bike and to get in more transition practice. I will also be riding my new TT bike. I got it a couple of weeks ago and have just done some easy spins on it. It should be fun get out on it and see what it can do... it looks fast! (i will get some photos soon)

Beth will be racing on Sunday as well and it will be her first "official" triathlon. She has done some TCSD club races but this is the first one that "counts". I am stoked she is healthy and ready to go... she's going to kill it... especially after we have a little transition practice on Saturday.. NO MORE SITTING DOWN IN TRANSITION!!!

One last thing... I got a photo in the Xterra West Championships program guide. It's from the race last year. If you are interested you can probably find it quite a few So Cal bike shops as well as Competitor Magazine. Stoked!

ok... this is really the last thing. I haven't posted on Vo2 Maxxed in a while so here's food photo. This is a dinner I cooked for Beth and I last week. Grilled tuna steaks and a ton of steamed veggies.


beth said...

we need to check our material before posting our blogs- somehow we posted at the same time and have a couple pretty identical really are my boy glad i am the cute twin.

Matt said...

The sprint will be a perfect tune-up. Get that HR up! And go Beth!

I already ate, but the pic of grub made me hungry. Maybe a splash of Bragg's and a few squirts of siracha.

Have a good 1.

GZ said...

No doubt on who the cute twin is.

JW - are you the guy in the green swim cap? ;-)

Live it. Love the photo on the top of the blog.


Paul said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see the new ride.

runninggunner said...

Have fund at the race this weekend. Love the picture in program. I remember seeing that one before, it's a killer pic.

Benson said...

Man, great training graphics. You really work hard.
Great that you're coaching Beth for her first 'official tri'.
And oh that tuna a veggies looks so damn good I'm drooling all over my keyboiajlkgtjal;kgj again. oops.

Luke said...

that's sick how xterra hooks it up like that with the photos...they really are all about the family!

ramon said...

Have fun this weeked at the Spring Sprint. Redline it like I know you can :) Good Luck. Looking foward to seeing the new ride!

Rachel said...

Yummy. Can I come over to eat? Love the new header. Anyway, I will be at Spring Sprint as well--just for kicks. Not really up for taking anything seriously after IMAZ. I'll look for you and Beth!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

dude! you just get your picture up in everywhere:) I'm waiting to see you in a local finnish newspaper ;P
hit it hard as always!!

moonpie said...

Kill it bro!

Yes, Beth is the cute one ;)