Friday, April 11, 2008

Build 2 - Week 2 - Test 2

Another busy week.... My recovery from Sundays race was/is going very well. Not "running" the 10k was definitely beneficial in the long run from a training standpoint. I went on an easy 60 min easy spin Monday morning which always helps the legs and everything else this up until yesterday afternoon had been strictly aerobic.

another bike photo from Sundays race. Aero.

Yesterday I hit my hardest run workout of the week... and my favorite. This workout smashes me but I come back every week stronger and ready to push myself harder. I stole this workout from Conrad Stoltz... ok I didn't steal it. It was published in Triathlete magazine last year and then again on his blog this year. I started doing this at the end of last season and really liked the results. If it works for the Caveman... it's gotta work. He regularly hands out beat downs.

Here's a graph/map from todays effort (no HR data but plenty of elevation. It was pretty warm so I went sans shirt to try and mitigate my already brewing cycling tan). I did it in San Elijo lagoon and really like the terrain. It has many different aspects of the Xterra courses I will be racing this year.

bring it...

This morning I will be heading out on the mountain bike before work. I love ripping the trails before work... especially when I know I will be at work until 10pm. Saturday I will be heading down to Fiesta Island for the TCSD club race (700m swim, 12 mile bike, 2 mile run). Beth is doing the full race and I am just going to do the swim. I figure to more time I can get in the water and bang heads with people the better off I will be come "real" race day.

Sunday will be test #2 (last weekends race was number #1). I will be racing the the Big Blue Off road Triathlon. This will be my third year doing this race but this is the first year it is not an Xterra Points series race. I don't know why they lost the sanctioning this year but they did. I almost decided not to do it but the course (1200m swim, 16 mile bike, 6 mile run) and conditions (hot/sandy... it's going to be 85+ out there on Sunday!) are perfect prep for Temecula. Last year I was rested and won my AG and was the top Amateur, only losing to Mike Vine. We'll see how it goes Sunday on tired legs and body. No matter what happens it will be a good time and I can't wait to get out there and race.

That's it training wise. I will leave you with some food photos... it's been a while.

Sunday's post race meal at one of our new favorite spots. The Yellow Coyote Tortilla Factory.

Beth made a Killer "Asian Appetizer" dinner Monday night. Awesome.

I had to fend for myself last night. Grilled Salmon with Soyaki/Mustard glaze and steamed vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, red onion, orange bell pepper, mushrooms, yams, parsnips, butternut squash, yellow squash, and zucchini squash.)


Matt said...

That's an old-school Jameson post.
It looks like the lagoon works for all kinds of work-outs. I gotta check-out before May 17th.

Having been a little awed by some of your early morning work-outs, I've had to adopt a little of that myself. . . bring on the day after throwing down in the pre-dawn.

Great stuff . . .as usual, JW.

GZ said...

Dude - you can cook at my house anytime. What are the details of the stolz workout?


FatDad said...

I'm with GZ, pass along the deets for The Caveman's smackdown-inducing workout.
Nothing beats a pre-work run.

TRI-ROB said...

smart, Smart, SMART about the swim bro! The more open-water beatings you can take prior to your key races... the better. As a result, you'll come into the water really comfortable and not worried about who's pummeling you... you'll just swim... and that's it... simplified!


Jim said...


Soyaki / Mustard Glaze. Sounds great.Trader Joe's Soyaki Sauce and Poupons or Chinese Mustard? Any honey or sugar? Let me know, I have some wild salmon steaks in the freezer.


moonpie said...

Is that glad ware? How ghetto ;)

Kick ass this weekend bro!

Zippy said...

Looking forward to the race report since it's hot and windy this weekend. Eewww...

Ryan Denner said...

dude, hook up the details of conrad's workout!

jay said...

Dude, Love the food pics! Hope you had a great race!