Thursday, September 25, 2008

Getting it done.

First and foremost... The Bolts took care of business on Monday and absolutely gave it to Favre and the Jets. I was on the couch screaming and yelling, chips and guac within reach, PBR in hand while the little monster (yes I mean Beth) was down in the garage grinding away on the traininer. She finished up in time to watch the second half. They're now 1-2 and the offense is looking solid but they have the Raiders this weekend. Time to get back to .500.

Early morning view from Wednesday mornings ride.

I don't really know what to say about my training right now other than that is I am kind of blown away with the progress I am seeing week to week, workout to workout. Of course I have workouts where I am kind of tired and just through them, but those workouts are few and far between and way more rare than ever before. More common in the last couple of weeks have been workouts where I am PB'ing climbs or cruising, comfortably hitting paces I have not seen in a long time.

My brick on Wednesday morning was one of those workouts where everything was clicking. The conditions were rad too. It was super foggy at the base of the trails and then as I would climb through the marine layer to the top I would end up in blazing sunshine only descend back down into the fog. The climbs and descents were like riding through a misting tent and by the end of the ride me and my bike were covered in dirt and mud. The run was done back up on the trails but now the sun was blazing and and so were my legs. It was definitely one of those workouts that has me anxiously counting the days until the race.

another view from the workout. At the top, above the fog/marine layer.

Xterra Nationals is only 10 days from today I am am really getting the itch to race. I have finalized my travel plans and I will be staying with my homebody Cody on Friday and then moving to the sofa bed in Brian's condo for Saturday and Sunday night. It will be killer to hang with the boys again, and I am already looking forward to some post race good times and beers!

A couple more things...

Luke is the man! He finished 4th overall in his 24 solo event at Hurkey Creek this past weekend. You have to go read his race report. As if riding /racing for 24 hours doesn't seem hard enough the conditions over night were pretty brutal. Good on ya dog!

Another piece of news is that I will be getting a new training partner for next year. I am so stoked about this. I know if we have the chance to regualry work together, and by work together I mean push each to our limits on a regular basis, we will both be racing on whole new level next year.

That's about all that's going on this week. I have some more good training going down this weekend before I shut it down a bit next week. On Saturday afternoon Beth and I will be heading up to the OC. Beth is racing the OC Tri early Sunday morning and I'll be in support crew mode.


skinfit said...

I can't wait to see you destroy that course next weekend! You are flying and it is going to show next sunday!
And yes, we will be killing eachother in workouts next season...can't wait to get down there!

Dave said...

well at least SOMEONE what having fun watchin' that game! I'm still upset and now it looks like old man Farve has a bum ankle. there's always next Sunday!
Way to go on the training! Looks real solid. And good luck with your remaining races this season!
Haha, and by the way, the Jets and Chargers both have the same record at 1-2 (for now anyway)! hahaha!
best wishes,

Luke said...

right on brotha! 10 days till redemption...kill it man!

Paul said...

Solid stuff man! It was fun to watch Favre stressing! Enjoy the OC.

Justin said...

Right on bro! Looking forward to watching you throw-down in Tahoe!

GZ said...

One word.


Ryan Denner said...

git it!

Stephanie said...

Care to make a wager on the game? Looser cooks Thanksgiving Dinner AND provides the wine.

Jim said...

Steph is still a Raider fan ??????

I think it's a little early to say the Bolts are back. I don't think the Raiders will be a REAL test. I'll reserve judgement for another couple of weeks, but will be wearing my Charger hat in support.

Judging from the comment, Trevor will be your training partner. Is he getting transferred down to San Diego? That would be Toooo Cooool!