Sunday, September 14, 2008

Operation Incline: Week 4 Recap

on top of a mountain... my brain was working.

a very good week....

I really can't believe how good my training is going right now. The progress I am seeing week to week is keeping my motivation very high. I am also loving being a "coached" athlete right now. I like having a training plan that I don't have to think about... and a most of that is because Trevor knows exactly what it's going to take for me to reach my goals. He's trained with me and we've raced head to head on both of the courses I am about to tackle.

Friday was super mellow with strength session at lunch and then an open water swim after work. On Saturday it was time to "do work"!

I started off the day with a TT swim in the pool (in my wetsuit) to get an idea of where I am right now and get more time in my suit in preparation for Tahoe. I got straight out of the pool, got on the mountain bike, and met my homeboy Denner at PQ canyon. I was stoked to be heading out on the MTB with Denner for the first time. He recently had a killer race in his first Ironman at IMLP this year. Some of the training rides he did to get ready for his race were nothing short of epic. So I knew riding with him would be a good time.

view from the top... where's the sun?

We rode all over the canyon and out to Black Mountain for a couple of repeats.

Denner grinding out to the top.

half way there.

4 hours later I was back and my truck and it was time to run. I was pretty beat getting of my bike but my run was awesome. I couldn't believe the pace I was holding and how easy it felt. I wanted to run faster and go longer, but cut it at 4 miles as prescribed.

Saturday afternoon Beth and I cruised to Don's for his annual Tri club cookout. Good times for sure... tons of killer food, and too much wine!

Sunday it was back out to the "ranch" for some hard running. I come away from this workout every time liking it more and more. The run is not easy, there's a bunch of fast dudes, and it hurts... but it's awesome. I had a good run and am so stoked about where my run is right now with the big races still a couple weeks out.

Then my weekend was destroyed late in the afternoon on Sunday. We headed over to Mac's crib to watch the Bolts vs. Broncos game. The Chargers got owned and their defense played horribly, but even with all that they came back, had the lead in the final minutes, and then refs blew it! One of the worst calls I have ever seen and one that clearly cost the Bolts the game. I was pissed! So the Bolts are 0-2 and next week they have the Brett Favre and the Jets on Monday night... they have to win!

Training this week is going to be hard... maybe the most challenging week of the year. I am really looking forward to it!


GZ said...

Training with a group = surefire way to get better.

I got to admit that last call in the game was pretty weak.

Ryan Denner said...

dude, killer ride on saturday! thanks for the invite. I am definitely down for MTBing anytime.

j.p. patrick said...

I'm not a Denver Donkeys fan. You guys got robbed last night...twice!! Feet up after my ride tonight for the real deal....GO COWBOYS!!

Jim said...

Don't blame it on the refs! It was the Chargers game to win. Their pass coverage in the end zone SUCKS !!

The second half was all Bolts... Denver really didn't deserve to win, they just caught all the breaks...

BTW - Working for a living sucks almost as bad as watching the Chargers lose.

beth said...

another week on it...
maybe one day you'll slow down and suck for a change like the rest of us.. :)

MarkyV said...

Man... I see nothing but a bunch of whiney Chargers fans on here.

Dave said...

The Jets/Chargers should be a good game this Monday. I'm a HUGE Jets Fan (being from Long Island and all), so I can feel you're pain from last week-hard losses for both fans. Both teams had a tough go last week so it's redemption time for somebody!

Benson said...

Good training,
Good food,
Too much wine,