Sunday, January 18, 2009

another week of riding...

Week two of my "bike bootcamp" is done and my foot is feeling much better.

First the foot... I got my second run of the week in on Friday. I had an appointment in Mission Valley and had a couple of hours to kill so I hit the tready at 24 hour Fitness. It was really hard to succumb to running on the treadmill when it was 80 degrees with blazing sunshine. I just really want to play it safe with my food and on the 'mill I can pull the plug if it starts to hurt and not have to walk back to where I started. The run went well. 4 miles progressing to 6:15 pace. I am just going to keep taking it slow while paying a lot of attention to the foot.

Now for the riding. I am loving the mountain bike right now and have put in some solid hours off road. I hit the trails 3 times this week. One of those was a night ride at Lake Hodges, which was killer. Gordon organizes this bi-weekly ride and there was a crew of 12 of us. We stopped for a beer half way through and then finished up the ride (@ 10pm) in the parking lot with another beer. Good times and definitely a ride I am going to try to make regularly.

On Saturday I headed an hour north to meet Ryan at Trabuco Canyon for some course recon. We are both racing (riding) Counting Coup in March and we rode some of the trails in the race and also some of the Vision Quest course. We really couldn't have asked for a better day. It was in the 70's and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The ride was good and tough. I felt good all day and actually felt like I was getting stronger as the ride went on and higher we climbed. I wasn't nailing it on any climbs... just keeping it steady and building the base... getting strong. The ride was awesome.

Let's just say we climbed a lot here are the stats from my Garmin.

Time: 3:26
Distance: 26.42
Elevation gain: 11,036

Sunday was yet another day on the bike. I only had 90 minutes planned but I felt great and the weather was awesome. So I stayed out on the roads for 2.5 hours, just cruising.

photo from my ride... this is where I stopped to take off my arm & knee warmers. I was sweating my face off... yeah it's been that warm.

2 week summary.

Week 1 (1/5-11): 17:55
Swim - 3 swims - 6000 yards
Ride: 139 miles (71 road, 68 mtb)
Run: 0
Strength: 4 sessions (3 weights/core, 1 Yoga)

Week 2 (1/12-18): 16:06
Swim - 2 swims - 4200 yards
Ride: 116 miles (61 road, 55 mtb)
Run: 7.22 miles (3 miles track, 4.22 miles tready)
Strength: 5 sessions (3 weights/core, 2 Yoga)

Swim: 10,200 yards
Ride: 255 miles (132 road, 123 mtb)
Run: 7.22 miles
Strength: 9 sessions (6 weights/core, 3 Yoga)


GZ said...

Glad to hear the foot is on the mend. Take that return slow (no need to jack it up again)... in fact, drink more beer, and give up the bike too. Take up golf. ;)

Nikee Pomper said...

11,036ft of Elevation gain in 26.42miles, thats is retardedly gnarly. Sounds like you are healing up just fine. Keep up the hard work

Sean Crichton said...

I'd have to ride my local trail about 550 times to get 11k feet........

beth said...

"4 miles progressing to 6:15 pace. I am just going to keep taking it slow while paying a lot of attention to the foot."

yeah. totally. good call. and good for you for getting out there, buddy! 6:15s? most of us would totally be embarassed to run that slow. good thing you were on the track and no one saw you.

Maggs said...

The Hawaiian word for 'kale' is pacololo. And the Big Island is known for it. Just put a post on Craigslist looking for some 420 :-)

Ryan Weeger said...

dude my garmin says 5,500 elevation gain? unless you secretly doubled back and did another loop im calling you out!

SixTwoThree said...

Good to see you gettin' back into a groove again. Keep babying that foot. Glad you're playing it smart.

j.p. patrick said...

That's it! I'm packing up the house and moving to San Diego!

GZ said...

It is not the Garmin, it is the software that reads it. I find that my "out of the box" Garmin software (Motion Based) does not "smooth" the elevation gain. So even if I stand still, it will say I am gaining or losing elevation. Take the same workout and punch it into other software - like SportTracks and it smooths out to a much more correct reading. Simply, this is because the calculation with GPS's is weakest with elevation (the triangulation of the satellites being all above you makes it most error prone).

Matt said...

Nice work despite a bad foot. You're going to be scary healed, like a mad dog off the chain. . .

Chcking-out the PB ale house so I can buy TG a beer, finally. Lots of suds in So. county, homey!

Zach said...

Sounds like the foot is on the mend - good to hear.

Sorry to hear about temps down there - must be tough having weather like that in January :)

Matt said...

Dude, I'm sure you're on the Pikes commentary @GZ. Crazy. 7800ft.up to 14000+. You better hit a 50k with me this spring. . .

Sam said...

Saw your picture in the latest USA Triathlon Life. Nice!