Sunday, January 11, 2009

First week back.

First things first.... Beth loves to "hate" on my "uniforms". My "uniforms" are basically the clothes I lounge around the house in after getting out of bed, at night before bed, or any other time I am just chillen on the couch. Most of the time my "uniform" consists and sweatpants and cut-off sleeve t-shirts and Beth loves to joke and post photos. Well check Beth's new morning uniform. Sweet. She's letting herself go already!

As usual the first week back from vacation was rough. Luckily we had the weekend to relax a bit before getting back to the daily grind on Monday.

Since I still can't run I planned a week filled with a lot of riding, some swimming, and some strength sessions. I just wanted to ease back into things and was pretty bummed on still not being able to run to start the year and 2009 training. I was definitely lacking motivation to train on all fronts. The only sessions I looked forward to were the strength sessions in the gym.

Monday was my first day back in the pool in month. I swam at lunch and actually felt pretty good. I kept it short getting out of water after 35 minutes and 2000 yards. I was supposed to go to a spin class with Beth on Monday night but after getting out of work a little late I blew it off. On tap for Tuesday was an early Masters swim and then a trainer session in the evening at home with Beth. Well I blew off the swim and opted for more sleep.

Before work on Tuesday I had my first appointment Dan Selstad for another assessment of my foot (3rd opinion). He said he definitely found a couple of things that could be contributing to my foot pain. I had my first ART session which included work on my foot and calf... and it hurt... in a good way. I left hoping that Dan's magic would work.

When I got home on Tuesday evening Beth was ready to get on the trainer and knock out our scheduled team trainer session. I really didn't want to do it but I changed and got on my bike next to Beth in the garage. I think I lasted 5 minutes (maybe). I just had no motivation or desire to grind away on the trainer for 60+ minutes. So instead a grabbed Red Hook Late Harvest Autumn Ale out of the fridge and worked on our mountain bikes while Beth knocked out the trainer session solo.

Honestly at this point in the week I was getting pretty down on myself due to my very slowly healing foot. Not being able to train 100% and not being to plan on any races was killing me. I need to have a goal to work towards or else I feel like I am just going through the motions and anybody who knows me knows that I like to train hard and am usually pretty focused.

Wednesday morning I was up early with plans to hit the trails before work. My foot was pretty sore from the ART on Tuesday but I headed out anyway. I ended up having an awesome ride. My local trails are probably in the best condition I have ever seen. So the ride changed my attitude a bit and was kind of turning point for me. I even knocked out another swim session at lunch and my foot was slowly loosening up and starting to feel better.

By Thursday afternoon my foot was feeling the best it has since I hurt it a month ago. I had another appointment with Dan on Friday and he did more work on my foot. After work on Friday I went to a hot yoga class with Beth and loved it. I used to go to yoga occasionally before starting triathlon and always liked it but have never found the time to fit it in my schedule. That's going to change. I want to start getting in a couple yoga sessions a week and see how it changes/build my strength and flexibility.

I was pretty stoked to get out on the bike this weekend and got in a lot of good riding. Part of the reason was the weather in Socal was perfect... Mid to uppper 70's and not a cloud in the sky. I headed out on the road early Saturday morning and knocked a hill 3 hour ride and met Beth at B&L we finished our rides together. Later in the afternoon we head out to Lake Hodges for a mellow spin on the mountain bike with some of our friends. Beth continues to blow me away on the mtb. She's charging some pretty technical stuff.

Our ride around Lake Hodges.

On Sunday morning it was time to go offroad again and the goal was to get it done early before the Bolts game. Ryan cruised down from the OC and we hit my local trails in hopes of connecting my trails with Elfin Forest. It didn't work. We could not find the way but still got in a good ride with tons of climbing.

Ryan finishing up the last climb of the day.

After the ride it was time for the Chargers game. Based on Ryan's recommendation I picked up a six pack of Green Flash West Coast IPA.... I may have new favorite beer.

Beth still had some core work to get in during the game so I steered her clear of beer, chips, and dip and coached her through it.

I am so bummed the Chargers blew it. I know they could have pulled it out. At least I gotta hang with the little monster and my east coast homeboy Brett while they went down.


Stephanie said...

She is sooooo going to kill you...and I must say, it is well deserved.

Shan said...

I'm totally with ya on having difficulty finding motivation to train when 1. don't have a defined goal and 2. you're slightly injured. I also tweaked my foot last week (all the tendons on the underside were really tender and it hurt to walk and run), but found that the real problem was major tightness in my calf. I'm glad that some great biking sessions have turned things around for you!

Yoga Tropics rocks, for sure. If I lived closer, I would be there multiple times per week - glad you are enjoying it!

beth said...

i don't get it. that outfit is AWESOME! a true original.

thanks for riding with me this weekend.

Jim said...

Dream on boyeeeee......

I had the game called at 28 - 17 Piggsburgh. They each scored one TD more than I thought they would.

Although, with 2:13 in the first, up seven zip, my heart was pulling for the Bolts.


j.p. patrick said...

Kat hit hot yoga SEVEN times this week and has been trying to get me to go for the last year! I went when I first moved to Boulder (once!) and all I could do was try to hold back intermittent, uncontrollable laughter. Unexplainable….I don’t think yoga calm and being borderline ADHD are a good combination!! Well that and I struggle to touch my knees!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

hang tough with the foot my man and let it get 100%. every possible good-luck wish from here that it gets healed quickly!

Pedal Circles said...

Next year, dude! Oh wait, as a Charger fan I say that every year... I'm still in favor of firing Norv. Have been since the day they hired him.

Sarah said...

THAT CRACKED ME UP SOOOOO MUCH!!! We have our uniforms around the house, too. Sometimes they're cute and sometimes they're, um, not.

After reading a few blogs around the circuit I'm definitely not feeling so alone in my lack of motivation feelings (I wrote about it last Sunday). I def think it's all about knowing what goals you want to set - it makes it much easier to find a rhythm and stick to it.

ART is the best thing ever. It's helped Matt's shoulder SOO much when nothing else had helped. I am so glad it's helping you too. Here's to FAST FAST recovery!

AND yoga is awesome. Hot or not, it is the best. I'm doing at least 3x/week now and I feel stronger and better than ever.

SixTwoThree said...

Dude, you got her!! Yup, that outfit is a LuLu. And it's probably a LuLu, too. But we know she can bring on the high style. And she looks good in a Chargers shirt :-) Could the foot be a bone bruise? What's up? I know how you feel about needing a goal. Must be a normal reaction. I've been going through it too.

Justin said...

I like Allison's post trainer yoga outfit better. :)

BTW.. the word verification for this comment is "arset"

I think that is very fitting. :)

Matt said...

I gotta say, your little sports pub of a pad looks bad co. You suckin grogs watchin ball and beth getting in the core work. . . .very solid.