Thursday, February 19, 2009

Week of 2.16.2009 - Recap

A big week for sure. This will kind of a boring post to most people... it's just all about training. One of the most challenging weeks I have had in a while. It took that last couple of weeks of gradually building up my volume but I am handling it pretty well. Here's what my week looked like... training-wise.

Monday (in AZ):
AM - 57 min/6.5 mile gnarly trail run
- great run on Sunrise Peak. Plan was to just go easy but the trail was just way too nice.

AM - 15 min core right after run
- quick and to the point.
PM - 1:30/14 mile MTB at McDowell Mtn Park
- Beth and I cruised around the park. She killed it. I rode all 3 loops.

Tuesday (back home):
PM - 58 min/7.7 mile trail run with "hard" intervals (3 x 3-2-1)
- I got out on the trails after driving back from AZ. It felt good to shake out the legs after being in the car for too long.

AM: 1:31/13.27 mile MTB, 3 x 10-15 min climbs - Big Gears
- good times and was riding solid.

Lunch: 45 min Strength, core, myrtyl
PM: 43 min/5.7 mile run - lululemon group run
- good trail loop with a fair of amount of climbing.

AM - 1:11/10.6 mile - Run - Track workout
1.5 mile warm-up to track
2 x 100m stride
1 x mile (5:16)
800 easy jog
4 mile tempo (23:03)
800 easy jog
8 x 100m strides/100m recovery (1 mile)
1.5 c/d
- hard workout but stayed within myself. I can't wait to get to the point that I can really nail one of these sessions.

Lunch - 45 min/2000 yard - Swim - Lots of pulling.
- legs were jacked from morning run. tired.
PM: - 15 min core - at home watching TV
- getting it done.

AM - 1:33/25.75 mile Road Ride - Tempo/Paper route ride.
- a good ride. didn't feel great but still hitting power numbers. No improvement over last week.
Lunch - 40 min/2000 yard swim - tempo/threshold (800 WU, 4 x (4x50, 1x100)
- good swim. easily making intervals. Kind of surprised. Nice and warm.

AM - 3:53/34 mile MTB - Long ride with tons of climbing (8,642ft.).
- hard ass ride. Ryan joined for the first 1:15 but then had pull the plug because he wasn't feeling good. I am stoked I got it done.... bonking at the end. Good prep for Counting Coup.

PM - 30 min/4.06 mile Run - San Elijo Lagoon.
- I decided to not run off the bike and just refuel. I hit the lagoon just before dark and felt great. Definitely a run where I could have kept going. Playing it smart. Already a big week of running.

AM - 1:33/11 Mile Run - Hilly Trails - 3,247 ft of climbing
- Ran the local trails and one new climb/descent... super steep!

AM - 45 min strength/core/myrtl - hit the gym right after run.
PM - 1:05/10.8 Mile MTB (single speed)- Mellow. Good crew cruising around Lake Hodges. Good times and beers afterward.

Total Time: 18:48
Swim Distance: 4000 yards (2 swims)
Road Bike Distance: 25.75 miles (1 ride)
Mountain Bike Distance: 72 miles (4 rides)
Run Distance: 45.58 (6 runs)
Strength/core: 4 sessions

All in all a pretty huge week for me but I feel good and will have plenty of time to recover as I travel to New Jersey mon-weds for work this week.

The ride this afternoon was killer. Beth and I set this up and had quite a few people show up and there would have definitely been more if the TOC wasn't ending just up the road. We are going to try to set this once a month if possible. There's not better way to end the week and than riding mountain bikes with friends and then enjoying a couple of cold beers and Mexican food afterward.

First race on the 2009 season next Sunday. Can't wait.


beth said...

that's a lot of mountainbike miles! your race is going to be very very good i think.

Luke said...

very good he is not in my category beth!! great seeing you guys this weekend!

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

nice work man!

so did you get on the new program already :d

Zippy said...

Looks lie a killer training week. You coming out for Bonelli this weekend?

GZ said...

That 11 miler, 3k climb - that is what I am talking about! (and yeah, finishing with DPA's).

Matt said...

wow. GZ's got nothing on you! Your climbing prowess is sick. Now rounder off with a killer B.O.W. post.

Too much ale on this end (gotta mix in a budweiser now and then!).

SanDiegoPJ said...

awesome week man...if you guys set up any road bike rides be sure to let me know. Maybe one day i'll get a mtb.

FatDad said...

Puttin in the miles! Not bad for a runner! Get it.