Friday, February 27, 2009

time to race...

Sunday will be my first race of 2009. The last race I did was the Xterra Crystal Cove trail race (15k) on on 12/14/08. That's where I really jacked up my foot. This is by far the longest break of racing I have taken, forced or not, since I started racing in 2006. To say I'm anxious and excited would be an understatement.

I will racing the first race in the US MTB Cup Series at Bonelli park. I am sure the race is going to work me. I have not done anything "hard" on the bike yet in training. I have been riding a lot, climbing in big gears, but XC mountain bike racing is very intense. So it should there should be a good dose of pain waiting for me on Sunday... it's going to be fun for sure though. Time to take my medicine.

I am also stoked that there will be a good crew out there too. Ryan, Luke, Team Mann (Allison & Justin), Eric, and Robert (not racing... he's injured right now... heal up dude!). So there will be good times for sure.

This year USA Cycyling changed up the classification system. It used to be:

I raced/worked my way up and raced Expert last year. This year have switched to a format that follows road cycling categories more closely. The new classes:
Category 1 (old Semi-pro & Expert)
Category 2 (old sport)
Category 3 (Beginner)

Essentially they collapesed the divisions and gave the "semi-pro" riders the option to get a pro card or stay back in Cat 1 and race against other "semi-pros" that don't want to move up and the rest of the "Experts." Needless to say this going to races way more competitive and I think it's a great move more the sport... I mean it definitely means that I will be taking more a beat down but that's what I want. Mountain bike racing is just fun to me and I like to see how hard I can really go. I have a lot of respect for guys that just race bikes. It's hard!

Training this week has not been ideal but with the work trip back east I did my best and got in some solid work. I am kind of training through this race because Counting Coup is next week so I will still be riding long on Saturday before the race. Hopefully getting in one more long ride with keep me from getting too shelled next Saturday... even though I am sure it will anyway!

On another note... I have made some decision regarding my 2009 racing season and it has me very motivated! I will get to that next week. It's another post all by itself.


MJ said...

Good luck! Rip it up!

Carolina John said...

Good luck on the race, bro. i'm sure you'll knock it out of the park. i too am having race withdrawals.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

best of luck in kicking some MTBers a$$ man!
can't wait to hear about that race season plan either!

Toby Guillette said...

Take that medicine and enjoy your first race back at it!

FatDad said...

Get it!
'Racing decisions'....interesting.

Pedal Circles said...

Looking forward to hearing the news!

Should be a good time on Sunday. It'll be the first race in awhile for a lot of people!

You guys have a HUGE class!!!

Matt said...

Good luck out there.

btw, my usual radio programming was interrupted today by a Pads game!

Kinda bittersweet, but it's spring time! Keep up the good work, JW.

runninggunner said...

Have a great race!!!

Robert Herber said...

Good luck bro! Tear it up, I know you will!

I will be out there cheering you all on! Oh and beware of the flyer on your windshield. No car is safe!

Tear it up! Let me know if you need anything too!

beth said...

Time to get that race face on!

Zippy said...

Yup; I'm going into Sunday's race on ZERO rest. Should hurt plenty. We should get together for a warm up lap race morning.

Trevor Glavin said...

Have fun man! Show em whose boss!

Zach said...

Good Luck! I'm sure you'll kill it!! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Century Trainer said...

good luck!

i've bookmarked and i'll be coming back to check how it goes! happy riding!