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Week of 2.23.2009 - Recap

From here on out my post-weekend posts will probably be kind of long... and boring with more training info than interesting info. I will be having quite a different approach this year (more on this in a post this week) so I want to document it. I am just going to do a weekly recap with some insight into what I am doing and eating. It's more of a log for me to be able to look back on ... and it's more fun than just putting all this in training peaks because I can add photos and graphs. Plus... maybe I will receive some good feedback from any body out there reading.

The race report is not included on the this post. I decided to do a separate one for that. Go here for that.

Not an ideal week in terms of training and recovery, but when I have to travel for work I don't stress out about it and just do what I can. After a big weekend of training last week I was on a plane early Monday morning heading for the east coast. I landed at JFK in NYC, got my rental car, and headed for NJ. It was freezing!

Monday: Off
- in retrospect I probably should have done an easy 30 min on the hotel treadmill. I always feel like crap after flying across the country. A shake out would have made for a better effort on Tuesday.

Tuesday (in NJ): Big Run day
AM - 57:29/8 mile Run.
- Woke up early. Had some oatmeal (Monkey Brains) and coffee. It was cold. 18 degrees, windy, 10 degree wind chill. Got it done. Plan was for some intervals (5-4-3-2-1) but couldn't get going. Just cruised 4 miles out (7:30's) from hotel and back (sub 7's), negative split.
- Food: Drank Recoverite right after.

PM - 30 min/4.25 Run
- Easy jogging on treadmill. Much warmer than running outside. Felt way better. Myrtl routine right after.

Wednesday: Easy run day
AM - 1:01/8.03 mile Run
- Hit it early again in Jersey before heading to office. Mapped out a way better route, quiet and rolling. Just easy jogging.
Food: Had black coffee and V8 before because Lucho says so. Recoverite after.

Thursday: Big Day - Run & Ride
AM - 1:01/8.9 miles - Track workout with BSK Crew.
- I was pretty beat in the morning. Didn't home from the airport until 8pm and then couldn't sleep. I still got up to get to the track. Glad I did. Solid Session.

1.5 mile warm-up
8 x 100m strides (1mile)
12x400 -(200 @37-38s,200 @ 47-48s)
400 easy
8 x 100m strides (1mile)
1.5 mile cd

workout was supposed to be 200 @ '35s/200 @ 45s but I went on the conservative side and kept it under control. Will be doing this workout again in a couple of weeks and I am pretty confident I will be able to the 35s/45s.
- Food: Black coffee, dry cereal before. PowerBar Recovery drink right after workout while driving home.

Midday - 2:52/49.2 mile Road ride
- Took the day off of work and got out on the bike a couple hours after the track session. My legs felt surprisingly good and was pretty stoked with the effort and how I felt. I am definitely getting stronger the bike. It's pretty noticeable to me just by the way feel and the power numbers are backing up that feeling.
- Food: During the ride I ate a mix of granola clusters and trail mix (raw almonds, cashews, walnuts, dried cranberries, and dried blueberries). I am really liking consuming "real" food during rides as opposed to sports nutrition products. After the ride I had a Protein Shake (Hammer whey, almond milk, banana, strawberries, & blueberries).

Friday: Bigger Day - MTB, Strength & Run
AM - 1:32/13.2 MTB on local trails.
- 3 solid 10-15 minute climbs. Felt good. Bike is running awesome after all the work Gordon did. New tires (Crossmark) mad a huge differnct.
- Food: coffee w/Truvia & trail mix before. protein shake (choco almond milk, hammer whey, banana, ground flax seeds, power pb) after.

Lunch - 45 min Strength Core session. 300 workout.
- This was a new workout. My buddy Matt told me about the Spartan/300 workout. Google it if you want more info. It's basically what the guys from the movie 300 did to get so yoked before shooting the movie. The official workout has specific exercises but there are quite a few iterations of the workout. Just Google and you will see. You basically do 300 reps of varying exercises with little to no rest. So I made up my own version and sandwiched it between some core work and the myrtl routine. It was killer workout and I plan on doing this at least once a week as well as still getting in my heavy lifting day... time to get yoked!

the workout.
300 - core on phsyioball
4 min plank (1 min reg, 1 min lateral ea side, 1 min reg)
300 set
30 pushup (feet on ball)
30 pull-up/30 dip - (repeated superset until all reps complete)
30 overhead tri ext/dumbell curl (repeated superset until all reps complete)
30 snatch and press
30 back ext
30 shouler raise
30 pushup (feet on ball)
med ball core routine (200 reps)
myrtl routine
4 min Plank (same as above)

- Food: big ass chicken salad with tons of veggies and kalamata olives and Fuji apple right after.

PM - 1:03/7.59 mile trail run (1600+ ft of climbing)
- Killer trail run on the local trails with Beth to end the day. I like Friday afternoon runs. Good way to end the day.
- Food: 11.5oz of V8 30 min before run. Beach Grass Cafe for dinne rafter! Grilled fish (red snapper) tacos, Tortilla soup, and a couple glasses of wine.

Saturday: Long Ride
AM - 4:03/63 mile Road ride
- Got out the door about 7am and got in 1:30 solo with two good 10+ minute climbs and then rode to meet up with Beth and crew at YMCA. We rode a killer loop in Carlsbad and then Beth and I headed for Solana Beach and back to the YMCA so she could finish up her 2 hours. I was at 3:30 when we split back and I rode 30 minutes back home. It was great ride. Perfect weather. I passed a bank right before home and it said 79 degrees and there was no wind and not a cloud in the sky.
- Food:
pre - breakfast tostada (corn tortilla topped with cottage cheese, pb2, agave nectar, and blueberries and black coffee
ride food - water, trail mix (raw almonds, cashews, dried cranberries & blueberries), granola bites, dried organic apples & mango (no added sugar)
*I can't believe how good "real" food is working for me. I felt great through out. No ups and downs.
Post ride - Killer shake (see below).

It was so nice on Saturday Beth even on in some pool time!

Sunday: US MTB West Cup Race #1 Bonelli Park

AM - 53 min/7.55 miles MTB
- Pre-ride. Just cruised a lap with Ryan. Took it very easy.

Warm-up - 25min/4.13 miles MTB
- Just getting ready to roll.

Race - 1:38/22.24 miles MTB
- See Race report for details.

Week totals:
Time 16:42
Bike Distance 111.99 mi
Run Distance 36.78 mi
MTB Distance 47.11 mi
Strength/Core Sessions: 1

Overall the month of February was solid. Just putting in the miles without and races really on target. That's going to change as I move in March. Here are couple of graphs from the month.

Overall Weekly training time.

Distance per sport.

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