Monday, March 30, 2009

week of 3.23.2009 - recap

Last week was tough and I am glad it's done. This week will be all about recovering from the last 3 weeks of hard training and getting ready for another solid block that starts next week.

grinding up Los Pinos road on Saurday.

On Saturday Ryan and I headed WAY out to campo to the Sagebrush course in prep for next weekends race. I really had nt expectation for the course and was just looking forward to getting in some miles in the warm weather (80's no arm/knee warmers!). The course ended up being killer. Solid climbs and probably some of the most fun descents I have ever ridden. They were like a cross between a bobsled course and a BMX track. We got in a solid ride and I'm stoked to race there this coming Sunday.

ryan. climbing.

view from the top.

Sunday was the day that I had been looking forward to/dreading all week. I was stoked to head down to Coronado and watch Beth and everybody else race but I know the half marathon in the SuperFrog relay was going to kick my ass... especially because I had already done a lot of riding in the days leading up and had already logged 35+ miles of running prior to Sunday.


on the beach.

Long story short. The 13.27 course on the beach, packed sand, soft sand trails, gravel roads, and into a significant headwind for half of the course kicked my ass! I headed out on the run with my team in 3rd place, 14 minutes back from 1st and 6+ down on 2nd. I am friends with both the guys are the teams ahead of us and they are really fast so catching them wasn't going to happen. So I just wanted to cruise the run at a solid pace and not fade at the end. Just run steady... and that's what I did. The course was hard, not fast at all and beat me up.

running through the tunnel... on the home stretch.

race photos stolen from Dave Kloz... again! I owe you some beers.

Our team finished third in the relay and everybody had a good time.
13.27 miles
1:20:47 (6:06/mile pace)

Beth had a solid race too... finishing on the podium once again! Check her race report for the details.

After the race we headed over to Jim's house for a post-race BBQ. Good times!

post-race. firestone walker Union Jack IPA. so good! Thanks Trevor.

the lil monster staying warm at the party.

Training recap. a big one!

Monday: MTB LT/Climbing Ints, EZ run, EZ spin
AM - 2:03/18.66 Mile MTB - 5 x 8-15 min climbs. working hard!
- a very solid session. it was the same exact course that I rode last thursday morning. i took significant time off ALL the climbs and felt good. worked really hard.
- Food: dry cereal before. protein/recovery shake after.

Lunch - 44:23 min/6.02 mile run
- hit the trails at lunch. just cruised, easy miles. the first 2 miles were kind of rough but miles 5 and 6 I was feeling pretty good.

PM - 1:18/20.29 mile road ride
- mellow road spin with beth. tough getting out the door. we were both tired but we got it done. good spin. headwind on the way out and sweet tail wind on the way back.

Tuesday: track workout, strength/core, road ride
AM - 1:07/9.42 mile track workout
- met with the crew at UCSD. cold. good effort. Brandon came around which helps. we are pretty much the exact same speed so we worked together. workout:
1.5 mile WU
8x100m strides (1 mile)
Mainset 4 x 1200m with 800m recovery
#1 - 4:06
#2 - 4:06
#3 - 4:02
#4 - 4:10 (dialed it back)
1.5 mile CD
- Food: dry cereal before. Recoverite after.

Lunch - 40 min strength/core/myrtl
- hit the gym at lunch and did "300" workout again. solid and quick
- food: killer chicken/egg salad/avo tacos and carrots.

PM - 1:42/26.02 mile road ride
- i hit the again after work and road a new route. got a bit lost and felt pretty good. just gettting in the miles.

Wednesday: EZ ride, core, EZ run
AM - 1:30/22.16 mile road ride
- up early and on the bike for some more miles. nothing hard. just spinning out the legs and getting in the miles. awesome morning, no clouds, no wind, and not too cold.
- food: dry fruit & cereal before. protein/recovery shake after.

Lunch: 30 min core/stretching/foam roller
- hit the gym at lunch for some core work. 20 minutes solid work with the physio ball and med ball. Also did 4,5,3 min planks. Then I hit the foam roller for 10 min.

PM: 42:57/6.14 mile trail run
- Lululemon run. Another solid crew and a good run. I was pretty tired rolling up but thankfully Beth, Chris, Rachel... and later Brandon pulled me through. We ended up a bit faster than last week and I would like to keep that trend up.

Thursday: EZ Run & massage/adjustment

AM: slept in!
- I actually slept in and just lounged this morning. I was up around 7am had some coffee and a killer breakfast burrito. It's amazing how much an extra 1.5 hours of sleep feels.
- Food: black coffee & Breakfast burritto: whole grain tortilla, 3 eggs (one whole/2 whites, chicken breast, onions, mushrooms, salsa, avocado, jalapeno tabasco sauce.

Lunch: 57:47/8.04 mile trail run
- just easy miles. cruising. nice and warm. I contemplated taking it down into the canyon and getting in some hills but decided to keep flat and mellow.
Food: clif nectar bar before. Recoverite after.

Friday: MTB intervals & EZ run
AM: 1:29/13.96 mile MTB ride - Vo2/Race Pace intervals
- on it early this morning and it was a good one. 3rd week of doing this workout and this time it consisted of 8x3min at race intensity with 1min recoveries. Followed up with 2x90", 2x60", 4x30" all out on equal recovery. I felt good and was able to hammer. I love this workout. feels like racing.
- Food: dry cereal before. protein/recovery shake after.

view from the ride. "san diego" moment at 630am.

Lunch: 43:27/6.2 run
- i hit the trails at lunch and was only planning on 4 miles but I felt really good and the weather was perfect so I just rolled with it and got in 6 on the trails. i built the intensity through the 3 miles out and then did 8x30" accellerations to 10k/half marathon with 90" recoveries on the way back. I felt really good on the way back. last run before the half marathon on sunday... we'll see how going into the half marathon with already having 35 miles running in the legs feels.

Saturday: MTB Sagebrush Safari course pre-ride
AM - 2:26/22.04 mile MTB
- Killer course. more details above. felt good.
course profile.

Sunday: Long run (superfrog relay)
AM -25 min/3.03 run w/u - 13.27/13.27 run/race
- Superfrog relay. tough course.

Totals for the week:
Time: 17:42
Road bike distance: 68.54
MTB distance: 54.66
run distance: 52.11
Strength/Core: 1 strength session + 2 core sessions

time for some rest!


Pedal Circles said...

Looking forward to hanging out after Sage Brush! Should be a good one.

Congrats to both of you on the podium finishes!

Rob Gates said...

At what website do you find the photos from David Kloz?

P.S. Nice half marathon effort on such a rough course.

Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

solid run dude! sounded like a hard course! keep it up!

Ryan Denner said...

solid week JW! 6:06 on that course in sick! way to be... i will be in touch about wednesday!

Toby Guillette said...

Nice work yesterday. Shot some video, here are 2 of you:

Justin said...

great job man! can you wait up for me on Sunday? :)

Carolina John said...

Yea get some rest. geez, that half marathon sounds like a really tough course. what a great week of training!

I'm totally jealous that you're in nice warm weather already. i got rained on for 2.5 hours in a road bike ride saturday. mid 50's. ouch.

Adam Coleman said...

job well done on a tough course!

Nikee Pomper said...

13.27 miles, 1:20:47, 6:06/mile pace, on sand?!?! DAMN!! Great job yesterday.
You and Beth are going to have some super fast kids!

Zach said...

Nice work on the race - that's an awesome time for a hard course.

Sounds like you guys are having some really nice weather down there - makes getting outside in the morning so much easier.

Kurt said...

I raced SbS in like I am old.

SixTwoThree said...

Congrats on a solid run! And to Beth too! Hey, my guy Todd is racing at Sagebrush next weekend too. Stop by Sho-Air's tent and ask for Todd and Brad. You can warm up with them before the race or catch 'em after the race. Thought it was about time you met! You keep showing up at the same races ;-)

Benson said...

Nice job at the race.
Holy crap you're putting in some good training time.

Sarah said...

Nice race, dude! Wow 6:06 miles...ON THE SAND...AT SUPERFROG. Geez. Glad to hear you are really focusing on your running and loving all of it - it's paying off!

I am missing my beers...I haven't written it on my blog yet but Matt and I gave up alcohol for one month because he's been having stomach issues. Much easier to give it up if your partner in crime does too, so that would be me. And all your beer talk is KILLIN ME!!

Paul said...

Nice work James. That's a tough week and then some.

Good thing Beth doesn't mind all the ladies hanging around! ;)