Monday, March 09, 2009

Week of 3.2.2009 - Training Recap

Just training info....

Monday: Strength/core & Easy Run
Am - 40 min Strength Session
- I hit the gym before work. Solid session 10-12 reps of each excercise. Didn't want to move up in weight or lift to heavy due to race on Saturday. I will likely lift heavy again on Sunday.
- Food: Dried fruit & nuts before. Protein Shake & Banana after.

Lunch - 42 min/6 mile run
- EZ run at lunch. Just cruised on the the ridgeline trail. Legs felt pretty good... kind of shocked after Sunday's race. My pace vs. effort is definitely going up. I was easily hitting 7 min miles and it felt like and easy jog. The track workouts and consistent running is doing it's thing.
- Food: Jazz apple 30 min before. Recoverite right after.

Tuesday: EZ Ride & Run
AM - 1:50/28.56 Mile road ride
- I just cruised down the coast to Del mar and back. Super mellow. Checked out Sky Loft on way back. I will doing Vo2 hill repeats there for sure. 3-4 minute climb. No traffic.
- Food: trail mix before. protein shake after.

PM - 45 min/6.17 Mile trail run
- I hit San Elijo Lagoon on my way home from work and just ran easy again. Not pushing anything this week. Only hard run workout will be the track Thursday morning.
- Food: 2 clementine's and 1/2 Bora Bora before 45 min before. Recoverite after.

Wednesday: EZ MTB, Core, Lululemon run
AM - 1:30/13.35 Mile MTB on Local trails
- felt good this morning... Not great. I just cruised up the single track climbs not pushing at all. Just spinning.
- Food: dried fruit & trail mix before. protein/recovery shake after.

Lunch - 30 min core/myrtl/stretching/foam roller
- easy session at lunch.

PM - 41 min/5.35 mile Run
- Lululemon group run. Shorter route. Just cruised. Track in the morning and want to be ready.

Thursday: Track & Strength
AM - 1:10/9.45 mile Track Session
- Another solid morning on the track. My pace is starting to feel more in control and I can actually feel the pace and have a good idea of how fast I am going. I was feeling pretty sluggish on the warm-up jog and strides, but felt good during the workout. The goal was just to hold 5k pace throughout. I am pretty stoked the both sets are pretty identical. Good pacing. here's the workout:
1.5 mile w/u
8x100m strides/100m recovery (1 mile)
mainset (all with 200 recovery jog):
600 - 1:55
400 - 75"
300 - 56"
200 - 36"
100 - 18"
1 mile easy jog
600 - 1:55
400 - 77"
300 - 55"
200 - 36"
100 - 18"
1 mile easy jog
1.5 mile c/d

- Food: black coffee and handful of trail mix before & diet mountain dew code red before. Recoverite after.
- put on recovery tights right after and had them on until lunch.

Lunch - 40 min Strength/core
- I did my version of the 300 workout again. Solid.
300 core on ball
4 min plank
30 pushups
30 pull ups
30 dips
30 overhead tri ext
30 dumbbell curls
30 back ext
30 lat shoulder raise
30 dumbbell snatch
30 close grip pull down
30 push ups
300 core circuit on ball
4 min plank
40 weighted trunk twists

PM - 60 min massage & adjustment
- first time at chiro in way too long. Made more appointments.

Friday: EZ Ride
AM - 1:25/21.75 mile road ride
- hit my "hood" loop for some easy riding. Just enough to shake out the legs.
- Food: dried fruit before. Killer protein/recovery shake (hammer whey, banana, mango, berries, almond milk) after.

Lunch - 20min stretching/foam roller
- I hit the gym at lunch a quick session of stretching and foam roller action. feeling good.

Saturday: Counting Coup - Mtb Race
AM - 4:33/42.55 Mile MTB race
- Good day. See race report.

Sunday: Long run & Strength
AM - 1:31/12.3 mile run
- I didn't set an alarm or anything and just got, had some coffee, did some things around the house and then headed for San Elijo Lagoon. I ran through the lagoon, then up and through San Dieguito Park and back. Solid run but definitely not fast and feeling the race yesterday (as expected). I forgot how hill San Dieguito park is. These are the kinds of runs that make strong/tough. Just getting through it.
- Food -trail mix, bird feeder bar & coffee before. Power recovery drink w/half scoop of hammer whey added right after.

Late AM - 30 min Strength session & 15 min sauna w/ stick
- I headed straight to the gym after run. Not very motivated but knocked it out. After the workout I hit the sauna for 15 min and worked over my legs with the stick. Felt great.
- Food - scrambled eggs and sweet potato pancakes after.

The week: 16:30
Bike Distance 50.21 mi (2 road rides)
Run Distance 39.27 mi (5 runs)
MTB Distance 55.9 mi (1 mtb ride + race)
3 Strength/core sessions

Overall a big ass week. Nothing to intense except for the track workout on Thursday and the race on Sunday. I wasn't expecting to put in this much time. It just kind of happened. I am definitely feeling it a bit and am pretty tried today (sunday). Gonna take tomorrow off and just relax the rest of today.

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GZ said...

Have you ever noticed all the out of shape guys in your header photo?

Nice backing that long run up post the day of the race. Keep building on that. You guys seemed to manage the pace smarter than I would have guessed on the track workout too.

Be ready for registration on Wed!