Thursday, March 26, 2009

is it sunday yet?

I am in the middle of a tough ass week of training that will culminate with a half marathon on Sunday through the soft sand of Coronado. This is the 3rd week of first build phase and it's a big one. the third week of a 4 week block (with the the 4th week being a recovery week) are always the toughest for me. I am battling the the fatigue from the previous weeks while continuing to push myself. And with my focus being on just mountain bike racing and running I am trying a bit of a new structure to my training. Trevor taught me a lot about working in single sport blocks for triathlon so I am applying that to my 2 sport training.

My 2 x 4 week build blocks are structured as follows.
week 1: bike focus
week 2: run focus
week 3: combined (hard!)
week 4: 3 x R's - rest - recovery - regeneration

It's a new strategy for me. We'll see how it all works come 5/2 & 5/9.

I have already logged a lot of miles riding and running this week and am definitely feeling it. After a couple of "easier" days (wednesdy/thrusday) I will be ready to dial it back up on Friday and through the weekend. Thankfully I have massage and adjustment lined up for this evening... i need it!

Saturday Ryan and I are heading out to Alpine to pre-ride the Sagebrush Safari race course. The Sagebrush Safari will be the third race of the west coast US MTB Cup series on 4/5. With next week being a recovery (still some solid work, just less of it and more rest/recovery time) week I am hoping to be more rested than normal and ready to throwdown with big boys again.

Course Desciption:
Probably the most diverse and challenging course in the series. A fast paced start with a big climb gives way to a fast fun single track. Wide open fire roads, a hike a bike, and a long single track descend toward the finish. Categories 2 & 3 will go approximately 18 miles, while the Pros and Cat 1’s will add the climb to Mount Pinos which adds about 7 miles to their ride.

Like I said before I will be "racing" a half marathon this Sunday. I am teaming up with my Breakaway homies, Felipe & Luke, and we are racing the relay division of the SuperFrog XXXI Triathlon (half ironman distance). Felipe will be swimming, Luke will be caning it on the bike, and I will do what I can on the sandy, 2 lap half marathon course. It's going to be tough for sure... oh yeah and there's money on the line. $1000 to the fastest relay team and there are some really strong teams coming out. Show me the money!

The other thing I am really looking forward to is that SuperSeal (the olympic distance race run in conjuction with SuperFrog) will be Beth's first triathlon of the season. While she's not totally resting for it I am stoked to she how she does.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend. There's a lot going on. Justin and Allison with be throwing down at the US MTB Cup race in Fontana. Eric and Mark will be racing the first Xterra of the Season up in Folsom. Then there's SuperFrog and SuperSeal which a ton of local people are doing. Awesome weeknd of racing.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

sounds good mate!

have a great half mary, a 1.10 maybe?

any progression on things?

D a v e P said...

Hey James, hope the relay goes great on Sunday. $1k for the top spot is no joke! I hope you guys divvy it up evenly!

Justin said...

let us know how the Sage Brush course is!

keep up the hard work! looking forward to our rematch! :)

Pedal Circles said...

Good luck this weekend! I'm sure you'll do great.

Ryan Denner said...

kill it this weekend bro!! I am bummed I won't be able to watch everyone race b/c I have been ITCHING to get at it. I will be doing some WF recon for my throwdown in 5 weeks.

have fun out there, and bring it home!

Kruse Time said...

thanks for sharing; you're gonna be a monster! I'm in "unstructured ez training" mode... but having a good time just wingin' it

FatDad said...

Go get that money!!!!!!! You got a wedding to pay for, homie!