Monday, March 23, 2009

week of 3.16.2009 - Florida trip and training recap

After some long days of traveling, long nights of partying, and some long windy running we are back in Carlsbad... it's good to be home. We had a killer time in Florida... Bythe and Zandy's wedding was super fun... BEST BAND OF ALL TIME!

Even with all the festivities we were both able to get in some solid training on the right coast. I knocked an 8 mile run and strength session on Friday while Beth was fulfilling here bridesmaid duties and then Saturday we teamed up for a long run. We got in a solid 15 miles up and down the coast. It was definitely not an easy run. The first 7.5 miles we battled a gnarly headwind before making the turn around. Beth killed it. She hung with me for the entire 15 miles. She is getting so strong and I'm getting really excited to watch her race this year.

long run route:

North lake trail we ran back on:

Sunday morning, the night after the wedding, we were up at 4am to catch our 6am flight back to SoCal. We were back in town by 1045 am to rain and wind. Driving home from the airport I pretty much decided to not ride my bike and just stay in and embrace the shitty weather, drink some beers and catch up on the March madness... but then... the sun came out around 1pm so I jumped on the bike for some miles and to spin out my legs from the 15 miles on saturday, and it was good call. I got in some mellow miles and definitely felt better afterward.

so the recap... solid week considering the travel and late nights (st. patty's day, rehearsal dinner, wedding!)

Thursday: MTB - LT/Climbing Intervals
AM - 2:11/18.45 mile MTB
- I got on it early before we got on our way to the airport. I felt ok. the 2 runs and 15 miles wednesday definitely had me feeling a bit sluggish. I got through the 5 climbs and the plan is do the same climbs next week... but faster.

Friday: EZ run & strength in West palm Beach
AM - 45 min Strength & core
- after sitting around the hotel for too long and watching the rain come down i headed down to the gym. shitty gym but i got it done.

PM - 55 min/8.06 mile run
- after sitting the around the hotel some more the rain finally stopped. I bolted out the door and got it done. just cruised through west palm beach, easy, flat running. it was nice and humid. i forgot how much I love running in the heat and humididty. Good run.

Saturday: Long Run
AM - 1:49/15 mile run
- after a late night and sleeping in Beth and I headed out for out long run on the coast... in gale force headwinds on the way out. brutal. but we were clicking off sub 7:20's so it was solid. She killed it. By the end of the run I was over it. I hate running on roads/sidewalk!

Sunday: EZ spin
PM - 1:51/28.37 Road ride
- got out the door for some easy miles. see above.

Totals for the week:
Time: 14:52
Bike Distance - 48.67 mi
Run Distance - 50.78 mi
MTB Distance - 31.49 mi


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

hope you guys gained a lot of knowledge over the weekend for your upcoming BIG day!

beth said...

that's a lot of running- good work. 50 miles with plenty of other stuff squeezed in.

thanks for being my wind shield. (not the car kind).
love you!

Ryan Denner said...

"i forgot how much I love running in the heat and humididty." I couldn't disagree with you more!

"I hate running on roads/sidewalk!" I couldn't agree with you more!

Sarah said...

You guys are so hardcore. Inspiring! I hate running in the humidity AND the sidewalks...that would've been double trouble. Way to get it done.

Ryan Weeger said...

Dont you just love headwinds...youre way better than me yesterday, once I bag the ride its right to the beers, so when its sunny later and I couldve ridden if I hadnt had beers already...then I feel bad...until I pop the next beer. Does it sound bad how much I love da beers? Lets tear up the Sagebrush course on Saturday!

GZ said...

Humidity. Umm. Ick. Give me the raw dry air anytime over the stuff where you need gills.

Solid week.

runninggunner said...

Good work on fitting in the workouts around the wedding.

Wedding's usually mean extra recovery days for me.