Thursday, March 19, 2009

busy week...

just a busy week with work, training, st. patty's day, getting ready to head to Florida for a wedding, and our cabinets getting refinished at our place making it tough to use the kitchen and cook.

Since we are out of town this weekend and I obviously won't have my bike, I making this more of a run focused week. I have been gradually upping my mileage and with the SuperFrog half next weekend (I am running the half mary in the relay) I want to back it off a bit next week. So this week I am going big!

a quick recap of the last couple of days.

Monday: EZ run & spin
lunch - 44 mins/6.03 mile run
- super mellow "shake-out" run. felt good.

PM - 1:19/20.3 mile road ride
- EZ spin on the coast with Beth. My legs felt really good just spinning. got a flat... lame!
AM - 1:25/13.05 mile MTB - Vo2/Race Pace intervals.
- same workout that I did last week but the intervals were 5x4min on 2min recoveries and then some max effort sprints. I am really liking this workout and hitting the intervals. In the past I have trouble really pushing it hard on the bike first thing in the morning but that hasn't been the case so far.

Lunch - 42 min/6.07 mile run
- more easy miles. descended pace for the middle 4 miles. Good run. Warm. Sans shirt.

- met up with trevor and jess and Beachside Bar & Grill in Encinitas. Killer happy hour. Warning: $4 22oz Firstone Union Jack IPA's are dangerous!!

Wednesday: double run day!
AM - 1:17/9.5 mile run
- hit the local trails, KOM course. first time in a while i have done this run and loved it. I felt ok. Probably too many beers last night!

Lunch -30 min - core/stretching/myrtl/foam roller

PM: 43 min/6.14 mile trail run
- lulemon run. another good crew. solid, even pace tonight. beth ran strong with us.

this morning i will be heading out on the bike before heading to the airport. Beth and I will be in West Palm Beach for the weekend for Bythe and Zandy's wedding. It's going to be a quick trip but I am sure it will be a fun one. I am hoping to get in my long run on saturday morning before the festivities. Anybody know any good run routes in west palm? I am assuming there are no trails... and I am not trying to get eaten by an alligator.

one last thing. run critique. My homeboy Jim Vance sent me a rad photo critiquing my run form... which I definitely could work on. Have guys like Jim looking out for me is awesome and much appreciated!


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

have good trip!

it's always awesome to get such outside feedback on form! way to go!

Matt said...

Great week!

Have a good trip and watch-out for the pythons running amok down there.

Ryan Denner said...

Might have been a good thing I was doing school work instead of $4 22ozers - that would have killed me! what is myrtl?

Now that I am on 530am wake up calls, I need to hit the MTB with you early sometime...

Donald said...

I lived down in Martin Co.(just north of W.Palm)for a while, and know there are some running clubs in Jupiter/Tequesta again just north of W.Palm that you should ask. This should get you a safer run and out of the city for an epic Fla run! Enjoy Bro!

SanDiegoPJ said...

Love that KOM course man that's basically the run I did after you told me about these trails, just the opposite direction. Awesome hills on that one.

I think I need to head out there with you some time so you can show me the trail out to the farther water tower. Just let me know when you wanna do an easy day haha.

Sarah said...

That beer looks so delicious...mmm.

I've been a bad blog buddy lately but trying to catch up on the Adventures of James and Beth. WAY TO GO on your 10K two weeks ago, that is such a solid time! And to think...Jim Vance still had some pointers for you...which means more for you to work on and get EVEN FASTER! I love that about this sport - you can always work and get better. Keep it up, James!