Friday, June 12, 2009

another weekend, another race...

Photo from Sunday's Race - stolen from Ryan's blog. loving the YETI!

just a quick post...

training has been going really well this week and the for the last couple of weeks as well. i am pretty much just focusing on cycling/mtb right now for a couple of reasons. i have another post in the works as to why I HAD to this and what my race schedule will look like for the rest of the year. definitely some fun things lined up.

trevor's plan for me is definitely challenging me but also structured so I am able to recover from my harder sessions and get ready to lay it down again... and again. i hit the swami's tuesday morning ride again and it's the best i have rode yet. i had a blast and am starting to get comfortable. i was even taking pulls and leading some of the climbs. the guys on the ride have been really cool too... i can't wait to get out there again. it's likely a weekly race.

i also got in solid hill repeat workout thursday morning. 5 x 10-12 min @ 50-60 RPM. Full on strength session and the kind that makes me grateful to have a power meter. it makes it really easy to make sure i am going hard enough... and not too hard. Jaakko joined for this one and he was dropping the hammer. that kid is going to do some big things. he's only 22 and well on his way! we finished off the session with a climb up Double Peak Rd.

jaakko at the top of double peak road. loving california!

tomorrow morning i will be heading out to temecula to the race the first race in the Racers and Chasers Summer Shoot out series. I will be racing all 4 races with a goal to win the series. i am really excited for a summer filled with mtb racing!

what i am more excited for though is heading up to the OC on saturday afternoon to watch the Angels and Padres square off. We'll be heading up early to BBQ and knock back some good beers with Ryan and Sarah before the game and then it's on! Ryan's favorite team in the Angels and obviously i am a diehard Padres fan. we've been talking crap back and forth all season about this series... so this is huge. we also got lucky with a killer pitching match up. Jake Peavy for the pads and Joe Saunders for the halos. My call is for Peavy to dominate! I am sure after a couple of beers me and ryan will have plenty to say to each other regarding the game... I am sure Beth and Sarah will be stoked! it's going to be a fun weekend for sure.... as always!


ramon said...

Bummer, no Ascent this year huh JW? Was looking forward to having you out here in CoS. Sounds like you have a killer summer of MTBing. Your gonna kill as always. Have fun and we'll catch you later.

Matt said...

Hopefully Peavy will give you plenty of ammo for the smack-off! And hopefully the pads won't get caught-up in one of those lame 5 hour AL-style slug-fests.

I'm calling it: Peavy 5-6 hitter, 10k gem.

Ryan Weeger said...

Wow, halos already wiping the floor with the pads as we speak. Kill it tommorow in Temecula, its the only chance you have at anything/anyone from San Diego winning anything this weekend!

Luke said...

i'll have to hook up at one of these RC's down the road...i've been needing a reason to get out there!