Friday, June 05, 2009

Offroad weekend on tap...

it's all ready time for another weekend... and it's going to be another fun one.

my training this week has been solid under the watchful eye of Trevor. I am back in a base phase and putting my focus on the bike right now. Once again and given him complete control of my training. we talked a lot about what i want to accomplish and what my goals/focus are. i have total confidence in the "plan" and am ready to follow it completely. as ususal this is not easy for me. i always want to do more, go harder, etc. that is part of the reason i am having some of the problems i alluded to in a previous post and will elaborate on next week. i am confident that with his help I can get to a new level of fitness and health.

this weekend beth and I are heading up to the Santa Barbara Bike Festival with Ryan and Sarah for some XC MTB racing.

I can't wait. the course is supposed to be fun and and it's always good times hanging out with Ryan and Sarah. Sarah will be doing her first MTB race and there is good chance Beth will be lining up as well. We are going to pre-ride and Saturday and if the course isn't too technical and Beth feels comfortable she going to go for it.... i hope she does!

In preparation for the race this weekend Beth and I hit lake hodges yesterday afternoon for some riding. we just cruised the lake and had a good time. Beth hadn't ridden her mountatin bike in a couple of months because she was focusing on the the 70.3. So she was a little sketched at first but quickly camed around charged some descents and some techinical climbs. watching her ride gets me stoked. the ride was fun and will hopefully be a weekly occruence.

so next week i plan on elaborating on everything going on with my training... there's alot.... race schedule changes, training plan, and more.


Jaakko Hiekkaranta said...

yeah dude

you'll both kill it on Sunday!

Ryan Weeger said...

Love seeing solely off road pics and talk! Definitely know the "excited anticipation" feeling you get when doing a couple ride. Excited for the weekend its gonna be great.

beth said...

thanks for taking me out. sorry i was being a you know what when you made me try to ride the single track on the cliff...

i'm ready for the weekend! i may just decide to go wine tasting while you guys race, though :)