Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Camp Pendleton International Tri - 7.15.2006

Well it's been about a week since I have posted anything. Work has been taking up most of my free time, but that's how it goes. here's my report for the Camp Pendleton International Triathlon. It was my first olympic distance race and things defintely didn't go my way. I ran into some problems but still put together an OK race. I really like this distance and look forward to racing it again, which I will on 9/10 at the LA triathlon. Here's the report, with splits, and the splits I want to nail in LA.

Swim - 1500m + 300 yard beach/road run to T1: 0:27:16

My plan was to go for it in the swim, but it didn't really work out that way. About 200m in I took a nice heel kick to that adam's apple. It stopped me dead in my tracks for a second and then I turned it back on. Then around first turn I swam through a nice pool of boat fuel. I never felt like I was swimming fast. The swim wasn't tiring me out but I just didn't have a fast gear.

Goal for LA: 24 min

T1: quick as usual, but a little winded from the swim and long run to t1.

Bike - 40k: 01:07:12

I felt pretty good on the bike and had rode the course before in training. It consited some decent climbs. I passed quite a few people on the bike and only got passed by 2 guys which were both in the 30-34 AG and were crushing it. Most of the guys i was passing wree in my AG and had some pretty nice race wheels. It always feels good to blow right by somebody on Zipps with my stock Easton Vista's, but aero wheels would have been nice on this course. There was a pretty good head wind for the first half of the course. Also at some point on the first half of the course I threw up. I think it was the fuel i swallowed. I just took a swig from my bottle and hammered on.

Goal for LA: sub 01:05:00

Run - 10k: 00:36:45

I felt good getting off the bike and left T2 about 50 yards behind a guy that blew by me on the bike. About 1.5 minutes into the run I hear a bunch of people yelling but I just kept going but they kept yelling... all I could hear was "wrong way". CRAP! Apparently me and this guy blew right by the first turn. There was a group of marines that were supposed to be directing us but they were all laying down in the grass not paying attention. So there I am standing still screaming to make sure they were yelling at us.. and they were. by the time I got back to the turn I had probably lost about a minute. I was seventh in from the bike but while I was running off course 3 guys passed me.

the run course was two laps and it was shaped like a "Y" with 180 degree turns and each leg. I like this a lot as you could really see how far ahead everyone was. I worked hard in the run and passed seven guys and finished 3rd (some of the guys I passed were in waves behind me). It felt really good to be running that hard and just taking people down one by one.

With out the wrong turn my run time would have been somewhere in the 35+ minute range.

Goal for LA: sub 35 minutes

3rd AG
10th Overall
4th fastest run split

Goal for LA: sub 02:05:00
swim: 24min
bike: 1:05
run: 35min

(this will be the first time I am setting time goals for myself)

After the race my coach gave me 3 days totally off to just rest and recover. Kind of like a mid-season break. It felt really good to get back it today!


IMmike said...

that's a really solid race jameson.

2:05 at LA will put you pretty far up the field.

Cliff said...

great race. Amazing how u tear up the run course.

Barb said...

Nice race! That sucks about running off the course! You always seem to have a good attitude when sh*t happens. Your response is to pass everyone! Awesome!

XTEric said...

Way to run the "boat-fuel" hangover out of your system & put in a very solid performance. I finally updated "XTEric Tri's". Can you help me out with T1 procedure?