Monday, July 31, 2006

Solana Beach Triathlon - a year later...

This weekend I raced in the Solana Beach Triathlon. It was just a sprint race (400m/9miles/5k)but there was more behind me racing in it than just doing another sprint.

It was exactly a year ago this past weekend that I decided I wanted to get into triathlon. I was riding my beach cruiser down to the beach to check the waves, meet a friend, and grab some breakfast. I was hungover from drinking the night before and just feeling like crap. As I got down to Solana Beach (about 5 miles from my apartment) I came across the Solana Beach Triathlon. For years I had been intrigued with triathlon but always found excuses to not give it a go. So I sat there watching the race, watching all these fit people having a blast and all I could think is "damn... I have to do that".

I didn't immediately start training for triathlon. I was in a pretty serious relationship at the time she alreay complained about the lack of time we spent together with me working, surfing, and running all the time. When that relationship ended in September of last year is when I decided I was really going to do this. In October I did a Triathlon Club of San Diego beginner's race and I was hooked.

So here I am a year later and can't even believe the success I have had so far. So the race...

Solana Beach Triathlon:

I woke up yeserday morning and looked outside and everything was wet. It was drizzling and would continue to mist/drizzle throughout the morning and race. I was kind of stoked. There was no heat and humidity so I knew I was would be able to put in a fast run.

Swim - 400m:
It was windy and raining down at the beach and there was also a little swell in the water. Not really fast swimming conditions. With my building confidence in the swim I was ready to just go all out. I was in the first wave with all the AG men 29 & under and all the elites. It was a big wave with well of 100 guys and I knew with the short swim and choppy conditions that the swim would be a rough one. I lined up right behind the elites so I could hopefully hang on their feet. With all my surfing and how comfortable I am in the water I was stoked with the conditions.

The swim ended up going relatively well. I just put my head down and swam as hard as I could for the entire 400m. With all the chop I ended up swallowing a lot of water. At about the 300m I was starting feel my pace, but I just grinded through it. I was in the top 10-15 coming out of the water and probably about :45 behind leaders.

Bike - 9 miles:
My plan was just to go as hard I could for 9 miles. I was watching the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon on tv Saturday and one of the announcers was talking about how the Pro's race and said "their mentality has to be if it's not hurting you are not going hard enough". So that's was how I was going to approach this race. So I get on the bike and start just going for it. On the first loop and I was pretty much holding my ground and passed a couple of guys. I did get passed by two elites, Emilio Desoto and Mac Brown(he is an animal on the bike). I was starting to make up ground on the lead guys and then right at the start of the 2nd lap I was forced to come to a complete stop to allow a fire truck and ambulace to cross the street. So I went from going 25mph to a complete stand still. I took about 30 seconds until I could get back on my way. It broke my momentum and losing 30 seconds in that short of a race is a pretty significant amount of time. Another guy that got stopped was pissed, screaming and yelling. I just blew it off. I mean there is an ambulance heading down the beach somebody could be dying or injured and we are just doing an insignificant sprint race. Some guys just take it way too seriously.

To try and make up time I just hammered the entire 2nd lap. I was seriously starting to wonder how much I would have left for the run considering I did not rest at all for this race. I am guessing I was in about 10th coming in from the bike and was pretty sure I was leading my AG, but I wanted to take down some of the elites and other guys that have beat me before.

Run - 5k:
I was feeling pretty good and the fact that I was dripping wet and there was still a light mist was nice. It was also a 2 lap run so I knew at the first turn around I would be able to size up leaders. When I got to the first turn around I was a little further back on some of the elites than I had thought, but I was also leading my AG. I passed a couple of guys on the first lap and then it was go time. I had planned on making my move on the last mile. When I got to the last mile and the last turn around I was still probably 10-30 seconds of the 3 guys I knew I could catch. I knew I was going to have to put in a really fast last mile and knew I had it in me but wasn't sure if it would be enough. I quickly started to make up ground but it didn't seem like there was going to be enough distance to reel them in.. I thouht I made my move too late. After the final turn there was 100 yards left and I just gave it everything. I passed 3 elites in the last 100 yards before the finish. It was hardest I have run in any race. I was full on sprinting. It was awesome. It's what I have been waiting for.

1st AG out of 68 - 48:28
5th out of 1100 Overall

I would have finished 4th if I would have competed as an elite(more on this topic later). The first place elite was just less than a minute ahead of me. I know if I rest and continue to get faster in the water and on the bike I can hang with these the leaders.


Anonymous said...

Nice job, I saw they results yesterday. Even better Jameson considering the stoppage. And happy one year to you.


Anonymous said...

Thats really impressive man. I live in Encinitas as well and although i am not in the kind of shape you are, would love to get some workouts in. hit me up at

Cliff said...


Great race. The potential is there...keep at it.

Flatman said...

First, I love the new blog layout!

Second, nice race.

and c: I found a 305 for $268 shipped if you are interested... ;)

Habeela said...

I almost feel like saying "great job" but you always do a great job! :) Looking forward to hearing what your thinking about with regards to the elite category.

Barb said...

Another awsome race! Too bad about the Fire Truck. You have such a great attitude! Love reading your race reports!

Rachel said...

I love the new layout of your blog. Just got caught up. Seems we're doing all the same races! I didn't do Solana Beach though. :( Out of town (catching one of the nastiest stomach bugs ever--does that count as an endurance event? ha). Anyway, no wonder I never see you, you're always in the front, finishing before I even begin! You're an animal! I can't believe you only just started racing. You definitely have a lot of talent, especially to be passing all those other pros. Very impressive. I also like how you keep your cool and keep things in perspective, and don't blow up under sitations like when an ambulance forces you to stop (which totally blows, by the way). That's a true gentleman for you. I hate it when other athletes suck the fun right out of the race.