Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tuesday 7.4.2006 - Long (big) weekend

I can't believe it's already the 4th of July. The days, weeks, and months seem to just fly by when all you can think about is your next race or workout...

This past weekend has been really solid from a training standpoint and I also managed to get in a lot of fun and hanging out at the beach over the holiday weekend. I just fired up the grill and friends are on the way over for a cookout so I though I would get this post in before I have has too many Fat Tire's.

1:40 run (30 min warm-up, 40 min of intervals(26min hard,14 recovery),30 min cool down
2 hour easy ride - 35 miles - up to Oceanside and back

45 min/1.5 mile Ocean Swim - del mar
3 hour/30 mile Mountain bike - Black Moutain

3000 yard swim
weights - upperbody/core

10K - Scripps Ranch Old Pros - 34 minutes flat
1.5 hour easy ride - 26 miles

10K race report:
My plan for this race was just to go as fast as I could coming off my weekend of training. Typically my Tuesday runs aren't my best. I usually still have that sluggish feeling in my legs and don't get back to feeling 100% until around Thursday and after the weekend I just put in I was curious to see how I felt. I am racing a lot in the coming weeks and they are all B or C races. My coach has me using them as good race pace brick workouts and for race experience. I don't really plan on tapering for any races until Xterra Nationals on 10/1.

Upcoming Races:
7/9 - Carlsbad Triathlon(sprint) - C
7/15 - Camp Pendleton Triathlon(olympic) - B
7/22 - Tri Club race(olympic) - C
7/27 - Tri Club Aquathon - C
7/30 - Solana Beach Triathlon(sprint) - C
8/6 - Xterra Snow Valley - B

I got there early, got my bib, hit the port-o-john, and then started to warm-up. After the first 5 minutes I knew I was nowhere near 100%. I would say I was at about 80%-85%. My warm-up consisted of 25 minutes of easy jogging with some pick-ups and strides. I had a nice sweat going and got to the front of the start line with 3 minutes to spare.

I did run into Heather Fuhr and Michellie Jones and said good morning. They seem to come out to all the local events.

After the warm-up I had to come to terms with myself. This was my first 10k, I have no idea how to pace for a race like this, and I am not feeling 100%. I decided that I would be happy if I could hold a 5:30/mile throughout the race.

The Race:
The gun went off and I pulled in behind a pack of Brazilians and Elites. The pace felt right but I had no idea what I was doing. I was just going to run how I felt. Right after the start there is a good climb I was in about 20th place (i think there were about 700 runners).

Mile 1: 5:25 - Perfect, this is right where I wanted to be.

Mile 2: 11:00 - holding.

Mile 3: 16:22 - Maybe pushing to hard

Mile 4 - 5 - Not sure of splits, but I think I kind of fell off my pace for these 2 miles. Not feeling bad though, just not really sure on how hard I should be running at this point in the race. Push or save it for the last 1.2 miles???

Mile - 6.2 (end of race) - 34:00 - I ran pretty hard for the last 1.2 miles and felt good. I still had some left in the tank after I finished, which always seems to be the case. I need to start pushing myself harder in the run. Getting faster is all mental for me. I feel like my body is definitely in shape to go harder/faster.

10th Overall
not sure about AG because I left before the awards... I was starving.

Post race:
I felt good. I could have defnitely carried that pace for more than 10k. I cooled down with an easy 15 min jog, and then grabbed a cold one from the beer garden.

I am defintely happy with my time considering how I felt. A 34 minute 10k comes out to 5:28/mile so I was right on my goal. On 7/15 I am doing my first Olympic distance tri so it will be interesting to see how my 10k times compare... and that was the whole point of doing this race. I think I like running off the bike more than just from the line. It's easier for me to guage where I am at and deal with it rather than just starting the run fresh.

Well that's it... 2 hour Mountain bike in the AM!


IMmike said...

Awesome weekend Jameson and that's a smoking fast 10K.

I think that's a good idea about not tapering for races. I've read that bodies can really only stand two tapers a year. Otherwise, it just seems like inconsistent training. As long as you can recover from these races, and not have them mess up your normal training I think it's great to use them as threshold sessions.

Barb said...

Geeze dude, how will you perform when you are no longer a rookie? I hope to be able to see you race and cheer you on someday. What a blast that would be! Keep it up!

Rachel said...

Jeez. That's fast!